International Hot and Spicy Food Day

International Hot and Spicy Food Day is observed next on Thursday, January 16th, 2025 (243 days from today).

How many days until International Hot and Spicy Food Day?


People all over the world love spicy foods. Thai food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, Ethiopian food - full of spicy food and full of flavor. And around the world there is a day dedicated to hot and spicy food, celebrated on January 16th every year.

International Hot and Spicy Food Day History

Hot and spicy food has been known for a long time, over a long period of time, hot and spicy food is estimated to be more than 6000 years old. Chili originated in the Americas, this spicy food was grown everywhere in the 15th and 16th centuries, following in the footsteps of European traders. Other pungent flavors, which are not quite the same as chili peppers, but still have a very strong flavor and give the dish interesting - have been popular in Europe for centuries, such as ginger, black pepper and cinnamon since Eastern.

There is no denying the love of spicy and hot foods, they are loved not only for their unusual and attractive taste but also for their many beneficial effects on health.

Pain relief:

Capsaicin is inherently odorless and tasteless, but has the ability to stimulate and then relieve pain in the body. People often use capsaicin as an effective method to relieve pain when treating postoperative wounds, joint pain, mouth pain and some skin diseases.

Prevention of cardiovascular events:

In chili peppers contain active ingredients that help blood circulation, prevent the risk of cardiovascular events and chili peppers also help lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol in the body.

Limit minor illnesses:

For diseases such as flu, colds and respiratory diseases, chili peppers and spicy foods have the ability to help the body prevent effectively.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant:

Chili also helps fight inflammation, especially arthritis, and has the ability to fight depression very effectively.

Improves digestive system:

Although eating too much chili will lead to a change in digestive enzymes, if eaten moderately spicy, it will help increase gastric secretion, help digestion better, eat more delicious, and avoid bloating.

Weight loss:

In chili and pepper contains capsaicin, which is a substance that has a great ability to generate heat, so it helps burn more energy right after a meal and helps increase metabolism in the body, creating a feeling of fullness and helping effective weight loss users.

How to hold the International Hot and Spicy Food Day

If you are a fan of spicy and hot food, you will surely know the famous spicy dishes around the world of some countries such as Korea, Thailand, China, and Mexico....

This day is a great time for you to enjoy those famous spicy dishes. If you're looking for the hottest stir-fried beef curry in Los Angeles in 2014, try the Kua Kling Phat Tha Lung, which has a spicy, charred flavor that burns like coals in the mouth of Thailand. If you have a taste for chicken but must be very spicy and add hot mustard, or enjoy grilled chicken on the East Coast of the United States. With ketchup, rare peppers and pungent mustard to go, they're like bombs that will explode in your mouth. Or do you want to enjoy Pearl Fried Rice, which is served exclusively at a Pearl Café in Florissant and is considered one of the best in the world today. In this dish, in addition to the basic things like rice, meat, some seafood dishes, it also includes pepper and very, very, very spicy spices.

Or, there are many hot and spicy food recipes on the internet nowadays. You can search, and test 1 of them. Once you create the finished product, don't hesitate to share it with everyone using the social media hashtags #InternationalHotandSpicyFoodDay. Have a great International Hot and Spicy Food Day!


International Hot and Spicy Food Day has been observed annually on January 16th.


Monday, January 16th, 2023

Tuesday, January 16th, 2024

Thursday, January 16th, 2025

Friday, January 16th, 2026

Saturday, January 16th, 2027

Also on Thursday, January 16th, 2025

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