International Tuba Day

International Tuba Day is observed next on Friday, May 5th, 2023 (93 days from today).

How many days until International Tuba Day?


International Tuba Day is an annual celebration held on the first Friday of May every year. One notable heavy instrument that can be seen in the marching band is the Tuba. Apparently, the Tuba is a giant-sized brass instrument that produces oompah sounds in the back of parades and bands. Often the Tuba is misunderstood as just a loud, noisy instrument and is played by someone with no real musical talent and no personality. But Tuba is more than oompah sound and has a lot of meanings. International Tuba Day was created to celebrate tuba and all unrecognized and appreciated tuba players.

History of International Tuba Day

As listed in the annual Chases Events, International Tuba Day was created to recognize musicians playing in musical organizations around the world who experience difficulties dealing with music. a tuba. What complexities do these toilets have? Tuba players obviously have problems due to the size and weight of their instruments, but what's really more troubling for tuba players is the prevalence of stereotypical attitudes among people towards guitar players and their role in a musical organization.

What does Tuba mean to you? Unfortunately, many people who don't play tuba think that the tuba is just one of those loud, loud "oompah" instruments at the back of parades - of no real importance and ease of play - they're just there to looks nice. As for tuba players, many people see them in the old stereotype: they have no real musical talent, no personality, just big fat bodies with chubby cheeks and powerful lungs.

As result, International Tuba Day was created for both tuba players and non-tuba players. If you don't play tuba, International Tuba Day is also a wonderful opportunity for you to get more knowledge about the importance of tuba in our musical society. It is an important chance for us to see the different between the backbone of the band with the ability and "oompah!” In addition, this celebration is considered as a great chance to recognize the tuba player as a gifted master of musical performance in all shapes and sizes. In addition, International Tuba Day is a great time for us to spend time to relax and enjoy your well-deserved recognition!

International Tuba Day was founded by Joel Day in 1979 while attending Lower Merion High School in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As one of only two tuba players in the band, and seeing a lack of respect from his classmates, he decided to dedicate a day to our recognition as reputable musicians. Joel went on to study at Millersville University, where he organized the very popular International Tuba Day celebrations spanning nearly 20 years.

Since its inception, International Tuba Day has been celebrated around the world including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan and in American states. In 1986, the celebration of Millersville University in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was photographed to appear among a bestseller A Day in the Life in America.

Dr Sy Brandon, formerly of Millersville University, completed two music books for International Tuba Day, which included various American folk and international musical arrangements for tuba and euphonium choirs to celebrate honor the international taste of ITD. These arrangements include Alouette, Blow the Man Down, Camptown Races, Cielito Lindo, Du, Du, Liegst mir im Herzen, Evening Prayer, Israel Medley, Susanna, Sailors Horn Pipe, Sakura, Waltzing Matilda and Yankee Doodle, among others.


The instrument produces a rich and deep sound. As we said, he is the shortest in the entire brass wind community. However, some musicians can play on the keyboard and high notes. This requires high performance skills. The quality of the high notes is always understandable for a tuba player.

Tuba has a beautiful mid-range sound in which you can perform quite complex technical passages. It is also similar to trombone. Moreover, the tuba has a more saturated color.

The airflow over the tuba is so great; sometimes the performer has to take a breath for every sound. For this reason, the tuba is called an orchestral and orchestral instrument, and solos are rarely believed. But recently, composers have broken these stereotypes and composed concerts specifically for her. And they are trying to discover new aspects of this "harsh" instrument.

Due to their size, a tuba is often considered "clumsy" and sedentary. However, this is not the case. By its technical ability, it is not inferior to other types of brass. Want to be sure? Hear how the tuba stylizes dealing with a fast beat in the hit song “Chardashe” V. Monty!

Interesting facts

The beginning of the tuba predates the beginning of the Middle Ages. Even then, musicians used a similar instrument, made of wood and leather.

Richard Wagner had his own unique tuba. He used her unique sound in his compositions. In music world, this instrument has named Wagnerovskaya tuba.

The largest museum about tanks is located in the city of Durham (USA). It stores the entire development history of this tool and has a total of about three hundred copies. In the house of the Simonetti family, there is a museum. The exhibition consists of five rooms, which house tubas of different periods - from the origins of the instrument (first half of the nineteenth century) to modern ones.

The record for the number of pipes in an orchestra was set in December 2007 in the city of Anaheim (USA). After that, there were more than a dozen Christmas carols played simultaneously by 502 musicians!

The largest collection of things connected to the tuba in one way or another belongs to Ralph Winston Morris, an American, living in Cookeville (USA). He collected 2286 items related to this tool. It was about forty years since the beginning of the creation of the collection. Ralph Winston Morrison himself is a professor of music and teaches tuba at one of his state's universities.

In the calendar is written International Tuba Day. Around the world, it is celebrated on the first Friday in May.

Nearly 2.5 meters is the length of the largest tuba in the world. The musician looking next to her was a real dwarf.

This tool is made of metal alloys, which are made on the basis of zinc and copper. Many musicians said that a tuba is a good food for eating. As far as you know copper and zinc are some of useful vitamins. Therefore, according to tuba, if you eat at least one musical instrument during your lifetime, your health will be guaranteed.

In the past, jazz ensembles used a tuba instead of a double bass. Why does this happen? Several bands perform outdoors. The wood of a double bass and the sound of the instrument can be damaged by rain.

Tuba is the most expensive musical instrument in the copper family. For example, a tool from famous German brands costs the same as a new Peugeot or Volkswagen car.

Demand for tuba is among the lowest among brass instruments. It gave way to the more popular trombones and trumpets. That result to the fact that they are made by hand entirely.

New Orleans (USA) is a city with the highest number of pipes per capita in the world.

Our favorite cartoon hero Dunno is just a diver.

How to Celebrate International Tuba Day

Celebrating International Tuba Day is pretty straightforward in order to appreciate and acknowledge tuba players and their music. Meet them in person to share your positive words for them if you know any pipe players. Encourage tuba players to continue with their music in orchestras and bands. Enjoy tuba music in any situation to listen live. If you are interested in tuba as well as would like to get more knowledge about tuba, International Tuba Day is the best time for you. Do not waste time of this holiday! Furthermore, to spread more about this day around the world, how about sharing your thoughts and appreciation for tuba players on social media using the hashtag #TubaDay? It is very interesting and useful.


International Tuba Day has been observed the first Friday in May.


Friday, May 7th, 2021

Friday, May 6th, 2022

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Friday, May 2nd, 2025

Founded by

Joel Day in 1979

Also on Friday, May 5th, 2023

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