Lost Sock Memorial Day

Lost Sock Memorial Day is observed next on Friday, May 9th, 2025 (353 days from today).

How many days until Lost Sock Memorial Day?


Lost Socks Memorial Day on May 9th is a day to remember lost socks. The unofficial holiday also encourages people to drop all the remaining socks they are collecting in the hope of one day finding their soul mate.

Lost Sock Memorial Day honors socks that are no longer with us. Where did they go? We're not sure, but what we do know is that the loss of a sock in a perfectly matched pair is a widespread phenomenon. So much so that we have a day to honor the socks we loved and lost.

History of Lost Sock Memorial Day

The origin of National Lost Sock Memorial Day is also a great mystery because of the whereabouts of the stockings of the day that are used to commemorate. But socks have been around for centuries, and it's clear that Americans love their socks. In 2018, in the US alone, we bought more than $11 billion in socks. Most men wear socks every day, including the special fashion guys who wear socks with sandals.

 The sock industry continues to grow in sales and expand in categories. Gone are the days of one-color, one-style socks. Today, socks serve multiple purposes and are made to perform based on need. Of course, chic tights in neutral colors exist for professional or classy occasions but the market for fun and functional socks is making a name for itself. Graphic themed socks are more on-trend for the modern, less casual work environment.

 With every American having a growing drawer, the odds of a pair of socks losing their mate are increasing. In a recent survey of 2,000 participants, the average person loses 1 to 3 socks/month! That's a lot of socks per year over 15 pairs per person per year. So you can see how this happens globally and leaves us all extremely distressed when a sock goes missing.

Today, we stand together to honor our departed dear socks. We come up with some clever ways to honor your lost socks.

Some interesting truths to do with single socks

  • Make sachets

Place the potpourri in a single sock and tie it up with an elastic band - this works great in a closet, drawer, car, under the sink, or anywhere that needs a refresh!

  • Making cans and bottles koozies

Koozies are useful to carry around when you need to keep your drinks cold or to protect your hands from hot drinks - it's best to wear brightly colored and patterned socks when making koozies.

  • Make cat toys

Fill up a sock (including other singles), catnip, wrinkled (mylar) material, or a sock - tie it at the end and let your cat play for hours!

  • Make a puppet with socks

The sock puppet is a classic toy that is loved by everyone and it is fun to have puppet shows with your final product - use hair strands, markers to draw or create goofy eyes and other similar decorations to create your sock characters.

  • Make an ice pack

No one wants to apply ice directly to their skin, so single socks make the perfect ice pack - depending on the size of your ice pack, you can turn your socks inside out slide the ice pack inside the sock and then fold it over the excess sock material so that the good side of the sock is now exposed.

Some reasons for Lost Sock Memorial Day being loved

  • We love a happy ending

Everyone loves a happy ending, especially when it involves one of our favorite socks being found. Therefore, we strive for the final reunion of the lost.

  • Socks keep our feet healthy

The socks are comfortable, warm, and cozy and keep our feet healthy. Wearing socks can lead to sweating, odor, blistering and cracked feet. If you are experiencing foot problems like these, it may be time to try a new pair of socks.

  • We love warm feet

In fact, each person has never had too many socks. This tends to be true simply because we wear them often, even to bed, and you should wash each pair after one wear. For those of us who wear socks almost every day, this adds up to a few pairs of essentials. National Lost Socks Day reminds us to bring our socks.

How to celebrate Lost Sock Memorial Day

  • Clear out your sock drawers

The first step is to know the quantity of singles you have. If you accidentally threw your socks into a drawer or drawers, it's time to do a little inventory and see how much damage really is.

  • Build a single sock station

A must-have feature for your laundry room is the lack of a sock. Paint a small piece of wood with any fun color you want. Stick a few clothespins in there to attach single socks. How about decorating your sign with the sentences: "Single and looking!"

  • Give them all as a gift

It is no need to wait any holiday to give each family member a pair of socks! No, socks are a suitable gift all year round as they come in many unique designs these days. Try John's Crazy Socks for fun themes and customizable socks to suit every personality. In addition, they donate 5% of their profits to Special Olympics.


Lost Sock Memorial Day has been observed annually on May 9th.


Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

Thursday, May 9th, 2024

Friday, May 9th, 2025

Saturday, May 9th, 2026

Sunday, May 9th, 2027

Also on Friday, May 9th, 2025

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