Mayday for Mutts

Mayday for Mutts is observed next on Sunday, May 5th, 2024 (154 days from today).

How many days until Mayday for Mutts?


During every Mayday for Mutts, people create awareness and spread the word about all the wonderful things that crossbreed dogs can offer their owners and society. Adoption procedures from animal shelters also prevail on this day. In general, the date devoted to expressing a dog's individual personality is more important than the pedigree.

The word “mutant” is a very broad term, but it can also be a way to describe one of the most interesting and diverse populations in the world. The phrase "mutt" was originally used to refer to hybrid dogs born from two different breeds. Today, mutant dogs are often referred to as crossbreeds with no specific origin or lineage.

Some facts about Mutts

  • Mixed breed dogs are usually more intelligent. Over 20 years of research from the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition has shown that mixed breeds have higher IQs on average than their purebred breeds, with some mutations reaching Score high on canine IQ tests as some champs show poodles and border collages.
  • Mixed breeds are less likely to suffer from genetic disorders. A purebred dog has an increased risk of genetic disease, such as hip dysplasia or epilepsy, which can be passed down through generations if the parents also carry the gene twice.
  • Mixed varieties are more versatile. The genetic diversity of mixed breeds is what allows them to better adapt and respond to different situations, such as parasites or changes in climate.
  • Mixed breeds live longer on average than purebred breeds. Crossbreed dogs have an average lifespan of about 12 years.

History of Mayday for Mutts

Mayday for Mutts is organized in the first week of May every year. The main goal of the event is to remind people that what makes a good dog is its personality, not its pedigree. In addition, this dog holiday serves as a reminder of the wonderful dogs found in shelters that don't notice mutant dogs alone. These other dogs include people with special needs and the elderly, which humans overlook in most cases.

When you adopt any of these special dogs, it will greatly assist in reducing the number of puppy facilities in the United States. Based on statistics from the Humane Society of the United States, mixed breed dogs make up three-quarters of the six million dogs that enter the country annually. These statistics prompted Karen Derrico, who wrote the book 'Unfornough Mutts: Pure of Heart Not of Breed', to create a national Mayday for Mutts.

Humane entities, animal shelters, and pet-affiliated businesses organize mutant events to celebrate the day. They organize activities for mutants and distribute materials aimed at championing the adoption agenda of mixed-breed dogs. These activities take place throughout the month. Some of the materials distributed contain information about myths and facts about mutants, how to raise a mutant or a dog with special needs, dogfights, petting actions, lists of activities Movements, events and clubs related to mutations. Dog farms participating in the program award certificates to individuals who adopt mutant dogs during the month.

How to celebrate Mayday for Mutts

There are many benefits to take part in Mayday for Mutts. First, it helps build relationships between animals and people by allowing them to interact more closely than they would normally do at home. Second, it encourages good behavior from your pet as well as enhances their physical health by exercising outdoors! Third, it allows pets’ exposure to the shelter so they can find new homes or be adopted into existing ones! Last but not least, the event is free. Are you looking for a special way to participate in Mayday for Mutts? Here are 5 examples for you to refer:

- Dress up your favorite crossbreed dogs and show the world how awesome these dogs are!

- Write some interesting things in a blog about this day, or just share them with your friends.

- Share pictures of your favorite crossbreeds online (or meet in person) and let everyone know how much they mean to you

- Take a tour to an animal shelter and adopt a mixed breed dog. You can even volunteer your time as a way to show thanks to all the animals that have given you so much love all these years!

- Take part in a Mayday for Mutts by hosting an adoption day at your local pet shelter, for example.


Mayday for Mutts has been observed the first Sunday in May.


Sunday, May 1st, 2022

Sunday, May 7th, 2023

Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Sunday, May 4th, 2025

Sunday, May 3rd, 2026

Also on Sunday, May 5th, 2024

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