National Bloody Mary Day

National Bloody Mary Day is observed next on Wednesday, January 1st, 2025 (171 days from today).

How many days until National Bloody Mary Day?


Bloody Mary Day celebrates drinking the Bloody Mary cocktail, described by some as the perfect hangover cure even though it contains just one thing that made you fall in love in the first place: alcohol! Bloody Mary is usually made with vodka, tomato juice and some spices, served on ice with celery stalks or dill pickles.

History of National Bloody Mary Day

The origin of this day is a mysterous and appealed as the history of the drink itself. Its name is also enigmatic because some scholars said it was refered the name of England Queen, Hollywood star Mary Pickford, or a waitress….

In addition, there are also three version of story about the first place Bloody Mary made. Fernand Petiot, a French-born bartender, claimed to have invented the Bloody Mary when he was working at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in 1921 that was popular with Ernest Hemingway and other American expatriates at the time. A writer named James Rollins, on the other hand, claims  that the Bloody Mary was invented in the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Paris. And an ocean away, New York’s 21 Club made sure that it was the first time the Bloody Mary was made there, though they do have two versions of the story. One is that it was invented in the 1930s by a bartender named Henry Zbikiewicz, and another attributes its invention to George Jessel, a comedian who frequented the 21 Club.

What do you do in National Bloody Mary Day

To invite some friends over to mix up and then enjoy a Bloody Mary or two or three is the best and easiest way to celebrate Bloody Mary Day. If you’ve never tried one before, and the idea of combining tomato juice with vodka just doesn’t sound particularly appetizing to you, this is the time to do it—there is a good reason to explain this is one of the most famous and popular drinks the world over, find out for yourself what it is!


National Bloody Mary Day has been observed annually on January 1st.


Sunday, January 1st, 2023

Monday, January 1st, 2024

Wednesday, January 1st, 2025

Thursday, January 1st, 2026

Friday, January 1st, 2027

Also on Wednesday, January 1st, 2025

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