National Brown-Bag-It Day

National Brown-Bag-It Day is observed next on Thursday, May 25th, 2023 (107 days from today).

How many days until National Brown-Bag-It Day?


National Brown-Bag-It-Day on May 25th each year is a day to recognize the benefits of packing your lunch for work or school.

National Brown-Bag It Day is celebrated every year on May 25th. It is a tribute to the unsung hero in our lives who has brought us so many benefits. Brown bags have been popularly used in grocery stores and for packing and carrying lunches to school or to work. They're great because they not only save us some money we would otherwise spend on lunch, but they also encourage us to pack home-cooked meals and stay healthy. As the result, they are truly deserved a day dedicated to them.

History of National Brown-Bag-It Day

National Brown-Bag It Day is a recent celebration and has been celebrated for less than a decade. However, no one knows who founded National Brown-Bag-It Day.

Brown paper bags have become a neccessary part in our daily lives for many years. Unknowingly or unknowingly, we use them almost everywhere to pack lunches, carry groceries, or even make Halloween masks, and much more.

However, they had to have been invented at some point for them to be able to infiltrate and improve our lives. The invention of the brown paper bag has been attributed to many creators such as Francis Wolle, Margaret Knight and Walter Deubener. These guys have managed to make it the best version of itself, be it through tweaking design, functionality or price. Thanks to their efforts, we now have a timeless product that is widely used across the country and the world.

Everyone has been preparing lunch for school or work for a long time. However, the trend seems to have slowed down with people's increasingly busy schedules. In fact, between 2012 and 2013, a whopping $1,000 is the amount of Americans for lunch per year. Now, imagine if you were just preparing lunch for your lunch. It will save you a lot of money and even help you eat healthy because you can control the portions of food you pack.

National Brown-Bag It Day is the perfect occasion to bring brown bags back into style and encourage people to start using them more often. You certainly won't regret this lifestyle change.

Why National Brown-Bag It Day?

Bringing your lunch is an effective approach to save money while ensuring that you have access to and consume nutritious foods. Brown bags are great because they save us money on lunches that we should have bought. They certainly deserve a designated day to celebrate them.

They save you money by reducing your spending by a few dollars per meal. Restaurants and cafeterias are bound to pay large sums of money for your daily meals and also lack nutrition compared to a home-packaged meal.

So brown bags help you get through your willpower dilemma and peer pressure while making healthy decisions for yourself and taking the extra effort to bring your food. With the opportunity to plan your own meals, it's easier to practice and make your daily routines healthier.

For those who find restaurant rations and servings ridiculous, be it too much for you or too little for you, the better solution is to pack your food in a brown bag. ?

And for those of you who love takeout and having lunch delivered to them, we all know the impact of plastic packaging and polythene bags. By reusing containers, recycling boxes and using eco-friendly materials like brown bags, we can easily fix the problems we cause to our surroundings.

Some of the benefits to brown-bagging-it

  • Save Money - For every meal you make at home, you can save several dollars a day. This is especially true if you tend to dine out or order from a restaurant. And if you're eating out of the vending objects, the savings will also add up.
  • Improved health choices - Strength and peer pressure don't go hand in hand. And when time runs out, we continue our poor decision-making pattern. At home, we can plan our meals, and our choices are limited to what we put in the fridge and pantry. With practice, those items will also be healthy ones.
  • Controlled Portions - Although we try to control our portions while eating out, we know that portions keep getting bigger and bigger. When we brown-it-it, we maintain that control.
  • Better for the environment - When we reuse old containers and recycle, we have more control over what goes to waste. We also choose where our food comes from.

How to celebrate National Brown-Bag-It Day

  • Make sure to pack your lunch and use a brown bag

Although some of us are in the habit of bringing our own lunch, we still use plastic for this purpose. Using a brown bag can be a lifesaver instead, literally as well. It's also about spreading the word and getting your children, family, friends and colleagues to do the same for you and for the greater good!

  • Decorate your brown bags by painting or drawing them

Well, this may not be the goal in the long run, but what could be more engaging than art? Draw attention to these brown bags by painting them and using your creative spirit to create something interesting on this blank piece of fabric? If you use the right materials, they can become cute custom bags to carry around for occasional lunches. Make sure to post your creative artwork on social media with the hashtags  #NationalBrownBagItDay and #BrownBagItDay!

  • Make your own brown bag!

Celebrate with your cunning sense and also make sure it's worth it. You can add to your piggy bank if you own one! With a few sheets of brown paper, you and your loved ones have a small DIY project to share. You can also donate brown bags that you make to others to promote and advocate here! If you're feeling a little more energetic, you can go one step further and prepare lunch for them!


National Brown-Bag-It Day has been observed annually on May 25th.


Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Thursday, May 25th, 2023

Saturday, May 25th, 2024

Sunday, May 25th, 2025

Also on Thursday, May 25th, 2023

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