National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

National Buy a Musical Instrument Day is observed next on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 (30 days from today).

How many days until National Buy a Musical Instrument Day?


Elevating the role music plays in our lives, National Buy a Musical Instrument Day is celebrated on May 22nd every year.

Visit your nearest music store on National Buy a Musical Instrument Day on May 22nd every year. You guessed it, this is the day to push you to create beautiful tunes with a brand new instrument. Let this day be the push you need to get yourself a lovely instrument.

National Buy a Musical Instrument Day’s history

Music has been an important part of human society throughout history, with musical instruments occupying a special place in the culture. The creators of such musical instruments were revered by society. It is believed that the earliest such tools were used for religious ceremonies or during hunting and were made of bones, shells, and wood. Over time, these instruments began to be used to create melodies, and musical entertainments were born.

Archaeological and monumental studies show that musical instruments have evolved over time. Each generation improved on the designs and creations that preceded it until we came to the instruments of today.

The oldest musical instrument in the world is also the only one that is associated with Neanderthal culture. However, some of the tools found, dating from the Paleolithic era, are disputed as being the oldest in the world. The Renaissance is considered by many to be the best period in the history of musical instruments. It is responsible for the formation of many modern classical instruments. In the last century, musical instruments were introduced to electronics, and now we have electronic instruments too!

While we couldn't find an origin story for Musical Instrument Purchase Day, we do know that the day was originally celebrated on May 18 each year in honor of writer and composer Meredith Willson ( 1902–1984). Willson is best known for writing the music and lyrics for the musical "The Music Man". Why National Buy a Musical Instrument Day remains a mystery.

Why National Buy a Musical Instrument Day?

There is music in everything and everywhere. Music has the power to boost or depress your mood interestingly. It can easily relax and get you excited with just a few notes. There is no emotion that you cannot associate with music. It can elevate any kind of emotion, and studies have proven that music can lower your blood pressure and relax your heart rate. There have been many musical instruments invented by men since time immemorial and each has a unique sound and way of playing. If you love music or you are a musician, then this day is just the perfect day for you to celebrate the musical instruments in your life. National Buy a Musical Instrument Day is a celebration to emphasize the importance of music in our time and a way to discover new instruments every day.

Some interesting truths about National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

  • Animal horns were used as musical instruments in ancient times. Lurs, or metal horns, were used by people in Scandinavia to make sounds during the Bronze Age.
  • The oldest musical instrument dating back more than 60,000 years is the Neanderthal flute. The flute is made of the femur of a young bear and has four holes. It was found in Cerkno in the cave Divje babe.
  • The Egyptians have a long history of musical instruments with drums, bells and castane along with string instruments such as lyre, harp and lyre. There is also evidence that the ancient Egyptians played the trumpet and flute.
  • Kithara is a type of large lyre played by the Greeks in ancient times. They also enjoy playing the lyre and harp among other musical instruments.
  • There are descriptions of words used in Babylonian and Sumerian rituals during the early Mesopotamian period.
  • The horn of a ram that was used by the Jewish community was called a shofar. They still blow this horn on Atonement Day or Yom Kippur and on New Year's Day or Rosh Hashana.
  • There are flutes found in China's Jiahu archaeological site dating back to nearly 6000-9000 years. These are 9-inch long flutes crafted from the bones of a bird's wing.
  • Tube and triangle bags and obstacle course are played by Europeans since 12
  • While the Xylophone is historically rooted in Southeast Asia, it was played mostly by Europeans in the 16th century. The word Xylophone is derived from the words "Xylophone" meaning wood in Greek and "phone" in Greek. to indicate sound.

Why National Buy a Musical Instrument Day is a favorite day

  • Learn about music

World history has always been associated with music. Each culture has its own importance and history of different musical instruments like drums played in war, trumpets to announce something important, etc. Instrument Buying Day puts music and its history at the forefront of our minds, allowing us to reflect on the impact music has had on the world.

  • Music creates a community

Play, learn or even talk about it - music gives us so much to share with like-minded people. How else can you explain the energy of crowds at concerts? Attachment to this art form encourages people to learn and carry the tradition of making music to future generations.

  • It encourages positive habits

Studies associate playing an instrument with a better quality of life. People do better in school and work, experience less stress, and are generally happier and more productive. We certainly think that learning to play an instrument is a better sight than letting go of harmful habits or boredom. If you knew of a hobby that could enrich your life, wouldn't you choose it?

How to celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

  • Buy a musical instrument

What's in a name? Obviously just an idea of ​​how to celebrate this special day. Add playing an instrument to your skill set and buy an instrument you've always wanted. Don't want to buy an instrument? Simply make your own DIY from common household materials. For example, you can turn a bucket upside down to create a drum or fill the inside of an unused cardboard roll to create a rain machine.

  • Take music lessons

Now that you have an instrument, what about learning to play it? You can even take music lessons to familiarize yourself with different instruments and then choose your favorite.

  • Compose music

What will you do with your new musical instrument skills? You play it, of course! You can turn it into a team work by inviting friends and family to play with you. Once you start making great music, you can even organize impromptu concerts for the local community!


National Buy a Musical Instrument Day has been observed annually on May 22nd.


Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Thursday, May 22nd, 2025

Friday, May 22nd, 2026

Also on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

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