National Cheeseball Day

(Also known as National Cheese Ball Day)

National Cheeseball Day is observed next on Thursday, April 17th, 2025 (305 days from today).

How many days until National Cheeseball Day?


April 17th is considered as National Cheeseball Day in order to recognize Cheeseball in a party can become the focus of a spillover as usual.

National Cheeseball Day is an annually food holiday. Cheese balls are a ball of cheese or cream cheese often combined with nuts or other toppings and served as a snack, usually with bread or crackers. These cheese balls are most commonly seen around Christmas in the United States. Traditional cheesecake appetizers include various ingredients, such as cheddar cheese, cream cheese, pepper, garlic, salt, and other ingredients. Gourmet versions of cheese pellets call for blue cheese, sherry, pineapple, olives, and even smoked salmon. There is also another form of cheeseball, the puffed corn snack, a marble-sized, bright orange snack covered with a cheese mixture or cheese-flavored powder and is considered the first cheeseball invented. It is produced by extruding heated cornmeal through a specific shaped form.

History of National Cheeseball Day

National Cheeseball Day celebrates two types of cheese balls (or cheese balls). Bright orange puffs of corn that taste similar to cheese rolls are some examples about the first cheeseballs. Airy yet crunchy, these snacks leave an orange mark on the fingers of those who eat them. The latter is molded with softer cheeses and is popular at parties, served on a tray and used as a dip for crackers. Traditional cheese balls of this variety are made with cream cheese or cheddar cheese. Nuts, seeds or dried fruit are often garnished and they are often seasoned with garlic, pepper, and salt. Worcestershire sauce, blue cheese, olives, sherry, smoked salmon and pineapple are ingredients to make different gourmet versions.

The first recorded cheese of the second type was a giant one, weighing 1,235 pounds and was known as "Mammoth Cheese". It was crafted on the farm of Elisha Brown, Jr. in Cheshire, Massachusetts, in 1801. A "cheese ring" 4 feet in diameter and 18 inches deep — reinforced with iron wires — held the cheese in the same position as it existed. Elder John Leland, a Baptist preacher, presented the giant cheese to Thomas Jefferson at the White House on New Year's Day 1802. According to one report, it was still being served in 1805; According to another, it was thrown into the Potomac River when it was too old to eat.

Not much has happened to this cheese ball over the past century. A recipe making according to its size appeared in print in 1944, in the cookbook of my friends, by Virginia Safford, a columnist from Minneapolis. It is a popular food in the mid-century but gradually faded in the following decades. Its fortunes began to rise again in the twenty-first century, largely due to Amy Sedaris. In 2002, with his brother David, Sedaris wrote a play called The Book of Liz, about a woman who makes cheese for her religious community, Clusterhaven. Sedaris also came up with the recipe for cheese balls and showed Martha Stewart how to make one of her smoky cheese balls on Stewart's TV show.

Some reasons for National Cheeseball Day being loved

  • They are so easy

Most cheese balls start with a base of softened cream cheese. Then you add anything that makes a big impression on you; Lots of cheese is a dish that is sure to be a hit. Next, you shape it into a ball - if you used to use Play-Doh as a kid, you'll have this - and roll the ball into another ingredient, such as herbs or other ingredients. Don't worry; there are plenty of recipes if you're still feeling nervous.

  • They have a charming classic style

Classic style food and drinks are available. Cheese balls were a delicacy back in simpler times, before meat and cheese plates became “barbecues”, and before handmade napkins and free-fork forks made their place in every home.

  • They are very delicious

You can put pretty much any of your favorite dip ingredients into the cheese balls, making them infinitely customizable and a great “who will I give this to” party supply. Want to get in trouble? You can make cheese balls into pineapples or snowman. However, in fact, any cheese ball is appealed too much because it is not a tray of cubed, bland, and sorry old Swiss cheddar cheese.

How to celebrate National Cheeseball Day

  • Go cheesy - in a good way

Chances are you already have at least some of the ingredients on hand, and the rest aren't hard to find. Or just carefully toss the cheese ball to the wind and improvise! A bunch of pepper is impossible in order to cover your plate of nachos? Are some leftover pepperonis from pizza night? Half a jar of rainbow sprinkles languishing behind cream of tartar? Ahem. Cheese balls it

  • Have a Cheese Ball Party

Now that you've got some great culinary skills, why not share your new-found cheesecake knowledge? After all, everyone loves cheese. How about inviting some colleagues into a team and assigning an ingredient to contribute: cream cheese, shredded cheese, crackers, or other toppings. Offer a few bottles of wine to get the party started.

  • Watch a movie inspired by cheese balls

"Cosmic Ball"? "Cannonball Run"? "Meatball"? Or just turn it into a night of cheesy movies. We are pretty to make sure that you can find one or two movies during National Cheese Ball Day.


National Cheeseball Day has been observed annually on April 17th.


Monday, April 17th, 2023

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

Thursday, April 17th, 2025

Friday, April 17th, 2026

Saturday, April 17th, 2027

Also on Thursday, April 17th, 2025

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