National Homemade Soup Day

National Homemade Soup Day is observed next on Tuesday, February 4th, 2025 (236 days from today).

How many days until National Homemade Soup Day?


National Homemade Soup Day is celebrated on February 4 every year. Anything made in-house will always taste the best with the love of your mother or the people who made it. Soups are the perfect appetizer for any meal. On cold winter days, there's nothing better than having a soup with someone. Warm yourself up with a cup of heaven to treat your taste buds. It's time to make your soup to enjoy it by yourself because today is National Homemade Soup Day.

History of National Homemade Soup Day

The history, origin, and creator of National Homemade Soup Day are still unknown. The year since this date was celebrated is also not exactly known. The creator thought that to celebrate a day for soup with this specific date was the perfect time to enjoy it and warm yourself up a bit. Maybe he can go crazy with homemade soup, too. The history of the soup is as old as the cooking method itself. Soup is a food mainly in liquid form and its existence dates back to around 20,000 BC. There are thousands of soup recipes available.

Although canned varieties are available, a bowl of fresh homemade soup will appreciate in flavor and taste. The soup is said to have medicinal purposes and is packed full of nutrition as with the ingredients and spices used in it. The ingredients used to make the soup include meat and vegetables with stock, juice, water, or other liquid. The soup served is usually warm or hot and is classified into clear soup and thick soup.

One of the smartest choices made by the creators of Homemade Soup Day is that they put it right in the middle of winter (at least for people in many places). Since February can be one of the coldest and darkest months of the year, this is the perfect time to try your hand at creating the perfect homemade soup.

But for those who live in a place where the day does not fall in winter - do not despair! Homemade cold soup is a delicious option for those celebrating in warmer climates. Whether with Gazpacho (cold tomato soup) or cucumber soup, you can enjoy this day - cold or hot - anywhere in the world!

How to Celebrate National Homemade Soup Day

Although this day does not distinguish between flavors of soup, it does provide an occasion for celebration. So it's time to do more than just unpack boring, bland soups! This is a day just to celebrate a pot of fresh and healthy homemade soup!

Let's look at some different ways to make Homemade Soup Day a little more special:

Try a new recipe

Eating soup sounds simple - just pour a bowl and start eating, right? If you're new to creating culinary masterpieces, you can use this day as an incentive to try something different. You can choose to make chicken soup, or tomato, or something like that. That's all for today, so experiment and try something new.

Invite friends and family to join

Already a kitchen wizard? Use this special day to gather some friends and sample some different homemade soups.

Or each person brings an ingredient that can be put in the pot! While you wait for the soup to boil, read aloud a version of a children's favorite book, Stone Soup.

It is better to have a chef go! Each friend showed up with their own homemade masterpiece and had a lively night to see whose soup was the winner. The great news is, really, everyone wins because they get to enjoy all the deliciousness and comfort that homemade soup has to offer.

Recreate a copied formula

Sometimes a favorite restaurant dish tastes better when you make it at home! Many popular soup recipes from restaurant chains are now available online to be recreated in one's own way.

Try these delicious imitation soup recipes that are easily found online:

  • Uppa Toscana by Olive Garden. Famous for its soft bread combinations, this variation of an Italian favorite is packed with delicious flavors. Braised chicken with sausage, kale and shredded red peppers offers a wonderful array of flavors.
  • Loaded O'Charley's Baked Potatoes. Packed with flavor (and with some carbs too!), this soup is sure to please with its potato filling and bacon garnish. Like most soups, this one goes well with buttered bread.
  • Cullen Skink in Ubiquitous Chip. Its name is Cullen, a small fishing town in the northeast of Scotland. One of Glasgow's favorite restaurants, Ubiquitous Chip, features this comfort dish made with smoked cod, potatoes, onions and spices.

Read Chicken Soup for the Soul book

Since homemade soup takes some time to cook on the stove, there's something you can do in the meantime. So what could be better than reading some short stories from the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology?!

The books are compiled by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, but the stories themselves are written by people around the world. Some authors are famous while others are simply ordinary people with extraordinary or interesting stories to share that bring comfort to the soul.

With so many options, the Chicken Soup for the Soul book can be found for almost anyone. (Check your local library or find them to buy in a bookstore or online.) Here are some favorites:

  • Chicken soup for your soul
  • Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul
  • Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul
  • Chicken soup for the soul of a coffee lover
  • And dozens more to choose from

Easy chicken soup recipe


Chicken broth 32 oz

4 c water

3 cups of cooked chicken

2 ts seasoning

1/2 of 12 oz. white instant noodles

2c frozen vegetables (corn, peas, etc.)

Salt and pepper


In a large stock pot, add broth, water, chicken, and seasoning. Then boil.

Add the egg noodles and continue cooking to cook the noodles as directed on the package. The soup is ready to serve when the noodles are done. Season with salt and pepper to taste or let guests season their own.

Put this on the table with a loaf of rye bread and you've got a meal worthy of being part of National Homemade Soup Day celebration!


National Homemade Soup Day has been observed annually on February 4th.


Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Sunday, February 4th, 2024

Tuesday, February 4th, 2025

Wednesday, February 4th, 2026

Thursday, February 4th, 2027

Also on Tuesday, February 4th, 2025

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