National Mulled Wine Day

National Mulled Wine Day is observed next on Monday, March 3rd, 2025 (222 days from today).

How many days until National Mulled Wine Day?


National Mulled Wine Day is celebrated on March 3 every year. Mulled wine is usually made with red wine along with various spices, citrus fruits, sugar, and sometimes raisins. It is served hot or warm. It is mostly alcoholic, although there are non-alcoholic versions of the liqueur. It is a traditional drink during the winter, especially around Christmas, and is often found in Christmas Eve markets. Mulled wines are one of the most popular and traditional wine in the UK. Apple cider mash is catered for by alcoholics and apple puree as a non-alcoholic alternative. Celebrate this day by happily drinking any version of the wine.

History of National Mulled Wine Day

It's unclear exactly when mulled wine started appearing on people's dinner tables and in bars, as these usually happen gradually and without much fanfare. However, the first spiced wine was made in Rome around the 2nd century AD. Other historians point out that the drink may have been called "Hipocris", named after by Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician.

As the Romans progressed across Europe, they brought their recipes with them - so it's possible that the people of Rome have to thank for the growth of this popular drink.

The first mention of mulled wine in a cookbook is found in The Forme of Cury, a medieval English cookbook dating back to 1390! It's a very, very old cookbook! The recipe named red wine and sugar, is mixed ground cinnamon with ginger, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves, among other spices.

Mulled wine is the most popular in the United Kingdom. It is enjoyed regularly in the winter. A similar drink can be found in German-speaking countries, called Gluhwein, which roughly translates to 'brilliant wine' and calls for many of the same ingredients.

However, for an even more spectacular version, try the Feuerzangenbowle, which orders rum-soaked sugar bread that is ignited and allowed to drip into the waiting wine!

In the Nordic countries, one can catch what is known as 'Glogg', an unusual mulled variant often served with gingerbread during the cold months of the year, especially during the Christmas season. Although in their country they are usually not too cold but Italians still love the drink and like to add a little honey to sweeten it.

In fact, it is so easy for you to find any type of mulled wine in most European countries if you would like to try. While almost any Christmas market in Europe will offer wine or crushed cider, serving it at home is also fun.

National Mulled Wine Day is the perfect chance for us to enjoy a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.

How to Celebrate National Mulled Wine Day

Taking a moment to enjoy the mulled wine brings to our life is the purpose of National Mulled Wine Day. Of course, the first order of business is to enjoy a cup of delicious and attractive beverage. However, other fun ideas to celebrate the day include:

Try a hand at making wine

It can be quite easy to make liqueur at home for those who like to get creative. And it's not hard to do either. Some basic components includes red wine, sugar, lemon and orange peel, cloves and cinnamon. Many people also like to add a bit of vanilla extract for an extra sweet taste.

To make, fill a pot with ingredients and bring to a gentle boil all together - but be careful not to overheat, or the wine will burn out! For those who prefer non-drinking fun, mulled wine is just as good when the offending article is gone, so it's definitely an option for those who like. In fact, starting with juice or cider (non-alcoholic) instead of wine can achieve the same thing.

To make it easier, use the slow cooker to simply and safely keep delightful drinks warm for hours.

Mulled Wine Gathering

Usually, mulled wine tends to come in second place behind something else in the party. It is usually accompanied by a treat like a hash brownie or a Christmas cookie. But on Mulled Wine Day, this drink has a chance to shine center stage.

Why not invite some friends or colleagues over to join the fun after work? Throw some logs into the fire. There are many warm, tossing blankets to share. Offer some appetizers or sweets, and let the warm wine flow! It can be fun to share stories and memories of the times when mulled wine was included in favorite winter festivals.

Whether home-cooked or pre-purchased, the joy of it is family and friends gathering around a beautiful hot cup that will warm their hearts from the inside out.

Visit a winery or vineyard

Visiting a winery for Mulled Wine Day can be a fun day out! Some wineries and vineyards like to offer customers special rates, exclusive access to tastings or other unique services exclusive to the event. So check out the list for what's available from a nearby winery or vineyard. Moreover, let invite your colleagues or family member for getting ready to shake off the chill of the last days of winter by celebrating Mulled Wine Day.


National Mulled Wine Day has been observed annually on March 3rd.


Friday, March 3rd, 2023

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Monday, March 3rd, 2025

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2026

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2027

Also on Monday, March 3rd, 2025

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