National Piercing Day

National Piercing Day is observed next on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 (165 days from today).

How many days until National Piercing Day?


National Piercing Day is celebrated on May 16th in honor of piercing promotion as well as its history and culture.

National Piercing Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated every year on May 16. Although it may seem like another confusing holiday like National Sea Monkey Day or Red Apple Day, Piercing Day. The country is arguably worth watching for a number of reasons.

History of National Piercing Day

The art of piercing has been around for centuries and has not always been used as a fashion statement. In fact, piercings have a different meaning to people of different cultures across the globe. This is why National Piercing Day was established to promote the history and importance of piercing, and to spread awareness of the many forms and styles of body piercing across traditions.

For example, piercing is an essential part of Native American religion, where the act is performed during the Dance of the Sun to encourage powerful spiritual visions. Piercing is also believed to have Ayurvedic benefits and is often performed for healing purposes.

National Piercing Day is believed to have originated in 2007 when a group of individuals interested in body piercing joined forces and declared May 16 as a day to celebrate the art of piercing. Although the date is still not officially recognized, it is gaining popularity every year and is celebrated by piercing lovers across the United States In addition to promoting the cultural value of piercing and the history Associated with the profession, National Piercing Day also celebrates piercing as an art form in this day and age and its essence as a means of self-expression. Many shops and piercing shops around the country also offer discounts to customers on this day.

Some truths about Piercing

  • Guinness World Record for Piercing

Elaine Davidson has 9,000 piercings.

  • Masai from Kenya

Adults from the tribe have lower lip piercings larger than 6 inches.

  • Ear piercing is common

80% of American women have had their ears pierced.

  • It can cause infection

Lip and tongue piercings can cause mouth infections including gum disease.

  • Complications of piercing

A 1998 study found that 35% of piercers had complications.

Why Piercing are loved

  • We can beautify our bodies

Earrings give us the opportunity to decorate our bodies with different accessories. In fact, a simple outfit can be enhanced by wearing a matching pair of earrings.

  • They are trendy

If done in the right place, piercings can be extremely fashionable and can add a touch of charm to your overall look.

  • It is an expression of body art

For many people, piercing is a form of self-expression and art. Different areas of the body are pierced to show everyone's personality.

How to celebrate National Piercing Day

While you don't need a specific holiday to share your passion for piercings, consider celebrating for more important reasons - for example, combating discrimination against people wearing piercings at work.

By talking about it in the family or sharing it on social media, National Piercing Day has the potential to raise social awareness of body piercing as an outlet for shining expression, as opposed to the negative cultural associations it has in some people's minds.

  • Get pierced! Let your dollars do the talking and get that new piece of jewelry or piercing you've been keeping an eye on.
  • Write some truly review for piercing shops in your local area. Spread positive karma and support safe, trusted businesses you trust to get your piercings done. A small but impactful gesture can mean a lot to store owners and employees.
  • Get involved by researching and lobbying for a specific cause in the piercing community. Maybe it's better business practices to ensure safe piercing practices or promote non-discrimination in a corporate setting.
  • Post a photo of your own piercing or an artwork from someone else's photo (with their permission, of course) to Facebook or Instagram. Especially, do not forget using the hashtag #NationalPiercingDay to spread awareness.
  • Check out your local piercing stores for deals on May 16. If they're on sale, spread the word to friends and family - you might be able to convince your apprehensive sister finally commits to the cartilage piercing she's been talking about forever! At Almost Famous Body Piercing Service, we celebrate National Piercing Day all month long with special prices on piercings and jewelry. We're celebrating May 16 with significantly reduced fees for our body piercing services. It's a great way to celebrate a great day!
  • Blog about how much piercings mean to you or why you believe there is still a societal stigma against certain piercings over others. You may not have to convince your co-workers, but you may unwittingly influence parents who have outdated views about piercings or business owners who still won't allow them to come to work.
  • Watch one of the many piercing documentaries on Netflix or YouTube to learn more about the cultural significance of piercing.


National Piercing Day has been observed annually on May 16th.


Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

Friday, May 16th, 2025

Also on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

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