National Shrimp Day

National Shrimp Day is observed next on Saturday, May 10th, 2025 (297 days from today).

How many days until National Shrimp Day?


National Shrimp Day recognizes America’s favorite seafood.

If the fictional character Bubba in the movie Forrest Gump did it his way, every day is National Shrimp Day. As a connoisseur of all the different types of crustaceans and their processing in every way, he'll probably be disappointed that National Shrimp Day is celebrated only once a year on May 10th. Luckily, his shrimp legacy continues with a restaurant named after him. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company owns 40 restaurants in the world.

Shrimp aficionados from across the country can come together to celebrate their love of scallops, commonly known as the "fruit of the sea". Shrimps are interesting characters, and some can even glow in the dark! Elvis Presley had sung a song about them. "If I should live to be ninety, I'll never forget the little shrimp and the song he sang when he jumped in the net”. In the United States, shrimp is eaten more than any other seafood, so of course, it deserves its day! Bake it, fry it, or eat it cold. Try them on a sandwich, on a salad or as a side dish in some of the delicious cocktail sauces. Whatever you do, take some time to celebrate!

History of National Shrimp Day

Americans eat more shrimp than any other seafood, and this is a day to celebrate this delicious seafood.

We use the word "shrimp" loosely to describe any large shrimp, sometimes referred to as "jumbo shrimp." Some countries use the word "shrimp" separately for all types of shrimp.

Preparing shrimp for consumption usually includes take off the head, shell, tail, and "sand veins". There are many ways to cook shrimp. Standard preparation methods include baking, boiling, grilling, sautéing, frying, and baking. Cooking time is essential for shrimp, and they are at their best when not overcooked.

A healthy food, shrimp, is low in calories and high in omega-3s, calcium, iodine, and protein. Shrimp is also known to be a good food for the circulatory system.

Popular North America Shrimp Dishes

  • Seafood Gumbo: A stew or soup that probably originated in southern Louisiana during the 18th century. Seafood gum usually consists of a richly flavored stock, shrimp and crab meat (sometimes oysters), a substance thickener and seasoning. Chefs categorize Gumbo by the type of thickener used: okra, Choctaw seasoning, filet (dried and ground sassafras leaves), or roux, French dough made from flour and fat.
  • Shrimp cocktail: Golden Gate serves shrimp cocktail before any other restaurant. Their menu had shrimp cocktails with 50 cents in 1959. It's now a cliche in Las Vegas. Called the “Original Shrimp Cocktail” on the menu, it is a favorite with tourists and locals alike. The original Shrimp Cocktail consisted of a normal-sized sundae filled with small shrimp salad and topped with a cocktail sauce.
  • Shrimp DeJonghe: A Chicago specialty, it is a stew with whole shrimp, peeled in soft breadcrumbs, garlic, and sherry. Restaurants often choose it as an appetizer or a main course. It originated in the late 19th or early 20th century in DeJonghe's hotels and restaurants.
  • Shrimp Scampi: This dish has its own date on April 29 and is cooked in butter, garlic, lime juice and white wine.

Why we love National Shrimp Day

  • Shrimps taste great AND are good for you

These little guys pack a big nutritional punch. They're packed with protein (and taste!) and low in calories. Shrimp is a rich source of zinc, vitamins B6 and B12. They're full of Omega-3s, which fight inflammation and improve eye health! They're even a good source of selenium, which promotes healthy brain function and immune system!

  • Shrimps have a lot of different shapes and sizes

If you are looking for a special one, of course, shrimp is just for you. You can find shrimp ready-made, cooked or even frozen to satisfy all your cooking needs. Rock shrimp have a hard shell and look like a small lobster tail. Black tiger shrimp can sometimes be found nearly a foot long and have a chewier taste. And don't forget the traditional pink shrimp dish that gives you a mild sweetness.

  • They are a great alternative to meat-free Mondays

If you're trying to cut back on your meat intake but are okay with fish, shrimp is a great way to change up your menu! They taste great and give you a heart-healthy boost! Try them with a green salad or on a plate of pasta. Cook them in a paella dish! You can even skew them into a kabob and grill them up!

How to celebrate National Shrimp Day

  • Have a shrimp party

There are countless options when it comes to shrimp recipes. For National Shrimp Day, ask each of your friends to bring a different shrimp dish and award the best: the most original, the tastiest, and even the “most shrimp!” If you are making effort to get the top at the party, let appear with something that will make your guests be amazed. Try the shrimp flakes pasta or the delicious shrimp risotto.

  • Join the shrimp fishing tour

Channel your inner Bubba and get out there on the water! Boat hires along the coast offer excursions to catch some shrimp for themselves! You'll start early in the morning and stay out all day, casting nets to catch small creatures. Then you will take home what you catch!

  • Cheering for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

That's right! The Miami Marlins' Double-A affiliate team celebrates this special day all season long with their new Shrimp name. Even though they used to be called the Jacksonville Sons, their new moniker sounds like a lot of fun and they'll be using it for the first time for the 2017 Season! This is the longest-playing team in Southern League history and has seen notable teammates like Nolan Ryan and Alex Rodriguez!


National Shrimp Day has been observed annually on May 10th.


Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

Friday, May 10th, 2024

Saturday, May 10th, 2025

Sunday, May 10th, 2026

Monday, May 10th, 2027

Also on Saturday, May 10th, 2025

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