National Something On a Stick Day

National Something On a Stick Day is observed next on Thursday, March 28th, 2024 (27 days from today).

How many days until National Something On a Stick Day?


National something on a Stick Day, celebrated on March 28 every year. There seems to be no specific historical event tied to the national start of the holiday; it's more than likely the case that an individual or group of fun-loving people are manipulating internet search results through an SEO algorithm to increase holiday legitimacy, and we don't mind! Nothing to worry about, the food on the stick is delightful. Well, we probably won't try Jeff Dunham's 'Jalapeno on a Stick', but if you're concerned about candy apples, ice cream, burgers and teriyaki chicken on a stick, today is meat day!

National Something on a Stick Day’s history

The use of sticks - wooden skewers - in the preparation and consumption of food goes back a long time. A very long way. An archaeological site in Germany contains a stick with a burnt end, showing its use in cooking meat over a fire, from 300,000 years ago, the Lower Paleolithic Age.

From the time of Ancient Greece, Homer's "Iliad" referred to the cooking of meat on skewers. In the absence of a metal grill to place over a wood fire, you should not pierce the meat with a sharp stick and hold it over the flame to grill while rotating and adjusting its height above the flame to get ideal dish. Perhaps this is the only reason this method has been around for millennia.

There is even a story, popular among medieval scholars, of Turkish soldiers during the crusades using their swords as noses to cook meat. Make it a multitasked!

So the next time you're camping and you cook your sausage at the end of a young tree branch you find, know you're in good company - humans have almost never cooked meat that way.

Why National Something on a Stick Day?

Practically everything except soups and juices can be made on a stick. This day allows you to unleash your creativity with dishes.

Many cultures have foods on sticks in the past. Some cultures like Asia also have the custom of using chopsticks when eating. However, there is no one who thought about serving food on a stick, which makes the food become more appealing and interesting. It was the food carts that made the stick food craze go viral with their various menu choices. Be it an appetizer or an after-party snack full of flavor and spice.

Most people prefer food on a stick because it's easy to eat and requires no fingers, which makes the dish less messy and more enjoyable. It's a neat and enjoyable way to eat. This can be a special joy for children as they love to eat foods that are convenient and delicious. Don't we all have nostalgic attachments to foods like cotton candy and toffee? Even adults love dishes that are easy to carry and move.

From sweets to delicacies, from summer refreshments to frozen cocktail popsicles to campfires, baked goods to deep-fried treats, everything can be thought of on a stick. This not only makes them more accessible, but delicious as well. Most people think that food with sticky residue in it tastes better than food that is normally on the plate. If it wasn't yummier, it would definitely be more fun.

From savory dishes like skewers, corn dogs, barbecue, sausages, grilled vegetables, cheese balls, etc., to sweet treats like popsicles, lollipops, candy-coated caramel apples, meringues, cotton candy, cakes small roasts, frozen foods, etc. America's favorite corn dog is a popular treat enjoyed on a stick. There are countless options for dishes that you can unleash your creativity. Perhaps you could start a new annual tradition to celebrate Something National on Stick Day from this year. People can come together and get in a creative mood and appreciate food while having a quality time.

National something on a Stick Day prompted us to invent our own version of the food on a stick and enjoy it with friends and family. It allows us to get creative with food and have fun while eating delicious food.

Reasons for National Something on a Stick Day being loved

It cuts down on cleaning time

What do you do with an ice cream stick, or a pop of corn, or a shish kabob skewer, when you're done? Toss it. In fact, we can't claim that food tastes better when you know you don't need to prepare dishes after eating, but it seems!

It leaves a free hand

Whether using a smartphone or tablet at the dining table is acceptable depends on your family's preferences, but if you're alone and busy, you can eat with one hand - the food on stick - and send away the PDF with one after another.

It is a reminder to us that summer is approaching

As you celebrate National Something Day on March 28, warm days are approaching, so it's especially good to practice your ice cream skills and perfect the 'non-drip finish’. Sweet, cold and messy- free. What could be better?

Observing National Something on a Stick Day

Received that the fire pit in the backyard was on fire

March 28 isn't the peak of summer, but even in temperate climates, it won't be too cold to gather the kids around a campfire to cook hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks or skewers on top fire. However, don't snap your fingers because molten marshmallows on your cheeks are never fun!

Host a shish kabob, barbecue party

Throw a dinner party around your barbecue and use the official bamboo skewers to make lamb, beef, and chicken, tofu and/or veggie dishes, in celebration of flavors over a crystal fire.

Make your own popsicles

If you don't want to invest in a dedicated ice cream maker for your freezer, with its prefabricated anti-drip handle, there's a simpler alternative - fill your regular ice trays with Kool -Aid or other sweet liquid, cover the trays with plastic wrap and insert a toothpick through the plastic into each cube, to use as a handle after hardening has taken place. Mini-pops!


National Something On a Stick Day has been observed annually on March 28th.


Monday, March 28th, 2022

Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

Friday, March 28th, 2025

Saturday, March 28th, 2026

Also on Thursday, March 28th, 2024

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