National Hot Tub Day

National Hot Tub Day is observed next on Friday, March 28th, 2025 (254 days from today).

How many days until National Hot Tub Day?


National Hot Tub Day is observed annually on March 28th in order to enjoy your hot tub.

Origin of National Hot Tub Day

But like Mother's Day, National Hot Tub Day focuses special care and appreciation to ensure that we don't take that special gift in our backyard for granted. This year's celebration on March 28, between National Happiness Day (March 20) and World Day (April 14), is an opportunity to celebrate, relax, or both.

On our crowded national celebration calendar, hot tubs share today with Children's Book Day, Respect Your Cat Day, Microfilm Day, and Earth Hour. If you need another reason to celebrate, today is also the day the washing machine was patented, in 1797.

And we're only a week away from spring!

Celebrating National Hot Tub Day

To make the day even more special, here are five exciting new activities for you to try.

1. Host a hot tub party in early spring

Spring has finally arrived and the temperatures in Minnesota are starting to welcome some exciting outdoor recreation once again. There's no better way to celebrate than by gathering your closest friends and family and throwing a hot tub themed party.

When planning your party, be sure to pack plenty of food and drinks, put together a vibrant music playlist, and have some fun activities ready to maximize the guest experience. Let be careful not to invite more people than the quantity of people can sit in your hot tub.

2. Treat your hot tub with a new accessory

Another popular way we celebrate special days is by giving gifts to our loved ones. Don't put your hot tub away from the fun, especially considering all it does to help you relax and let off steam. Here are some of our top picks for accessories that will give you that hot tub sensation while not breaking the bank.

  • Spa attendant - When you're lounging and relaxing in your hot tub, you'll most likely want a delicious drink nearby to quench your thirst and this is a great place to put it.
  • Towel Bar - No personal butler? No problem! You can still keep a towel within arm's reach without having to place it on the side of the tub where it can get in.
  • A Covana gazebo - Stop struggling to manually remove the lid of your hot tub. This unique lid is fully automatic and can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

3. Play some games with hot tub

If a large party isn't your speed, perhaps you want a fun afternoon of gaming with the family. Hot tubs are good for more than just relaxation, as these experimental family-approved games for kids can attest.

  • Waterproof cards and board games - Why leave the fun on dry land? Waterproof playing cards are the perfect way to take your favorite games into the hot tub with you. Matching cards with embossed surfaces works great, as do waterproof board games like checkers and chess.
  • Hot Tub Hockey - You'll need two teams for this game, as well as a floating object in the middle of the tub to make a "puck". The goal of hot tub hockey is for each team to try to make the ball hit the opposing team's wall without any of the players touching the ball. You can splash or blow to try and boost your shot, but touching is explicitly prohibited.
  • Cold Shower - Start by filling a water balloon with freezing cold water, making sure the balloon is as close to full as possible without overflowing or breaking. Each player should sit on the edge of the hot tub and take turns passing the balloon around and holding it overhead for five seconds. Eventually, the ball will pop randomly, immersing an unfortunate player in freezing cold water.

4. Try some exercises with hot tub

What many people don't realize is that soaking in a hot tub has countless physical health benefits. Celebrate this National Hot Bath Day by increasing your endurance, muscle strength, and weight loss. Here are some great low-impact fitness activities with no extra equipment that you can try today.

  • Bike kick - Sit on the edge of a chair in a hot tub and place your hands on the edge. Extend your legs toward the center of the tub and bring one foot toward you before switching to the other. This is a great leg enhancer.
  • Arm Circles - Extend your arms out to the sides to form a “t” shape. Move your arms forward in small circular motions while making sure your arms are fully submerged. After 10-30 seconds, turn to the back. It will provide resistance and help strengthen your arms.
  • Squats - Stand in a hot tub with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend your knees and let your hips back as if you were about to sit in a chair until your thighs are parallel to the ground. As you return to a standing position, push through your heels for balance. This move works both your thighs and buttocks.

5. Plan a romantic date in the hot tub

Perhaps you want to celebrate with just your significant other, without friends, children, and other distractions. You're in luck because a hot tub is a great spot for a romantic evening with your loved one.


National Hot Tub Day has been observed annually on March 28th.


Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

Friday, March 28th, 2025

Saturday, March 28th, 2026

Sunday, March 28th, 2027

Also on Friday, March 28th, 2025

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