National Tartan Day

National Tartan Day is observed next on Sunday, April 6th, 2025 (298 days from today).

How many days until National Tartan Day?


April 6th every year is National Tartan Day in order to commemorate the Scottish Declaration of Independence.

History of National Tartan Day

The origin of Tartan Day was from Canada in the mid-1980s, where only over 15% of the population belonged to Scottish ancestry. This is the day for the Scottish people to celebrate their heritage and the day Scotland became an independent nation on 6 April 1320, with the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath, granting them full sovereignty and right to defend themselves with their own military action.

Shortly after Canada established Tartan Day, in 1998, the Coalition of Scots Americans in the United States also successfully lobbied for April 6 to be commemorated as National Tartan Day. It is an opportunity to express your honor to the outstanding achievements and contributions of Scottish Americans to the United States.

Since then, it has spread around the world and is mainly celebrated in Canada, the US, Australia, and oddly enough, Argentina, a nation of about 100,000 Scottish descendants, the largest community of its kind in a single country do not use English.

For Scotland, National Tartan Day have become an officially national holiday since its establishment in 2004, nearly 20 years after its founding in Canada.

The name 'Tartan Day' refers to the woolen fabric woven in squares and crisscrosses, traditionally worn by members of ancient Scottish clans if you still have it. By mistake, a fabric that is today equivalent to it is plaid.

Why National Tartan Day?

National Tartan Day is a celebration celebrated every year on April 6. The date is used to mark the Declaration of Arbroath, also known as the Scottish Declaration of Independence. The date was signed in 1320. The date is of prime importance in the United States because the declaration of independence in America was modeled on the Declaration of Arbroath. In addition, about half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the nine governors elected to form the new United States were of Scottish descent. This Scottish history in the US Declaration of Independence makes this date important in the United States.

Reasons for National Tartan Day being loved

  • It is a reminder for Scottish descendants about their heritage

It is important for people to be reminded of where they come from, especially in the global society we live in today. And in countries like the United States and Australia, Scots played a big role in helping to establish their independence, and a large portion of that population is descended from Scotland.

  • It gives people a reason to celebrate their Scottish roots in countries outside Scotland

Stuck bags, kilos, haggis and Scottish Highlands dancing - these are all things you don't necessarily come across every day if you don't live in Scotland. So it's a great way to spend a day and immerse yourself in Scottish customs.

  • It's a great way for people with no connection to Scotland to experience their traditions and customs

You don't have to be Scottish or of Scottish blood to participate in the festivities. National Tartan Day is great chance for everyone who get more nowledge about Scottish traditions.

How to celebrate National Tartan Day

To celebrate this holiday, you can refer to the following ways to choose the most reasonable way for yourself.

  • Take part in the parade

On this national day, many parades are held in different cities. One of the best ways to observe this day is to attend one of these parades with your friends or family. Parades are often performed to highlight various Scottish traditions. Attendees of the parades are often dressed in kilograms and accompanied by bands that bring life to the parade using drums and bagpipes. By attending this parade, you will have a similar experience to traveling to the Scottish Highlands.

  • Wearing Kilt and Sporran

Another way that you can observe this holiday is by wearing a kilogram. Some shops sell these traditional Scottish costumes as the holiday approaches; so you shouldn't worry if you don't have one. Most people will have a kilo this holiday; so you shouldn't worry about how it will look to you. Out of the kilt, you should also receive a sporran. This is also another important part of the traditional Scottish dress. It is a beautiful traditional wallet that complements the kg. Because there are no bags, the sporran will come in very handy to help you safely carry your phone and wallet while participating in the parade.

  • Cook a traditional Scottish meal

The next best thing to do this holiday is to prepare a traditional Scottish dish. There are many dishes that you can make, but the most popular are black pudding and Haggis. If you're not sure about the recipe, you can ask a friend for help or find an online resource that will guide you through the process. Haggis is a meal prepared from various parts of sheep such as the heart, liver and lungs. The dish is then boiled with oatmeal, suet and spices. Scottish black pudding is so different from the rest that it is made from dried pig blood, oatmeal and suet.

  • Post on social media

The ultimate way to celebrate the holiday is by posting photos and videos of yourself with a kilo or eating a Scottish meal on social media. If you share some photos and videos on the social media, do not forget to use the hashtag #NationalTartanDay for spreading and encouragement.


National Tartan Day has been observed annually on April 6th.


Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Saturday, April 6th, 2024

Sunday, April 6th, 2025

Monday, April 6th, 2026

Tuesday, April 6th, 2027

Also on Sunday, April 6th, 2025

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