Paranormal Day

Paranormal Day is observed next on Friday, May 3rd, 2024 (12 days from today).

How many days until Paranormal Day?


Each year, National Paranormal Day is commemorated on May 3rd for people who believe in paranormal activities in order to meet each other and share their experiences together.

If you see, you will believe, or at least so, the old adage goes, right? But it is? Because despite your belief that if you can't see, hear, or touch something that doesn't exist, there are thousands upon thousands of people who seem to be certain that they have actually witnessed it or even directly seen. UFOs. Ghosts. Chupacabras. Do they exist? And if not, why have there been so many up-close sightings and experiences? Paranormal Day is a great chance to answer all above questions.

Some truths about Paranormal

  • Ghosts only appear at night

The darkness of the night certainly boosts the spookiness of ghost hunting; however, it is also possible to see ghosts during the day.

  • Bigfoot does not exist

While there is no official evidence to demonstrate the origin of Paranormal, you can find a lot of physical evidence of the organism such as hair, blood, and even feces.

  • Appears haunted old buildings and villas

While old Victorian mansions and abandoned buildings can certainly be havens for paranormal activity, there's also plenty of paranormal activity happening in prisons, hospitals, museums, roads and forests.

  • Not good for business

Many people believe that paranormal is not good for business, however, paranormal tourism increasingly develop because there are a lot of thrill seekers.

  • Skeptics and Believers

It is a myth that skeptics and believers do not get along. The two groups are welcomed by both sides, with skeptics regularly joining the investigative teams.

History of Paranormal Day

As with any paranormal activity, no one knows the origin of National Paranormal Day. The only thing we know is that it was created in 2013 and that's about it. But the truth is out there, and we might find out one day. The universe is packed with all sorts of weirdness, dimensions, and great unknowns. Simply put, any event that occurs that cannot be explained by logic or science is more or less classified as paranormal, because it falls outside the normal range. Vampires, ghosts, Bigfoot, and more, increasingly encounters with the paranormal around the world.

Some small things such as déjà vu can be considered as mystical. People have experienced and witnessed the inexplicable for centuries now. However, there have documentation relating these mystical phenomena a few hundred years ago. The man best known for his collection of paranormal anecdotes is the American writer Charles Fort. Some people have declared that he was the father of modern occultism. He compiled some 40,000 notes on paranormal experiences.

They include reports of events such as teleportation, frogs falling from the sky, foreign substances, unexplained explosions, crop circles, levitation, UFOs, and apparitions and disappearance of mysterious creatures.

It was likely that Fort was also the first creator of the hypothesis about the strange appearance of otherworldly entities and the disappearance of humans due to alien abduction. In spite of being inexplicable, they become more and more popular with hundreds of reports filed each year regarding extraterrestrial beings. However, no matter how much evidence and number of reports are submitted by people who have had direct experience, the absence of empirical evidence makes these events difficult to investigate scientifically. .

Paranormal activity is also a hot topic in the entertainment industry. In 1993, “The X-Files” debuted on television and became a hit classic. Before that, “The Twilight Zone” set the standard for strange occurrences in 1959. In recent years, the first film of the “Paranormal Activity” series was released in 2007 and received worldwide acclaim for its unique cinematography.

Traditions of Paranormal Day

What makes Paranormal Day different from Halloween is that it's more intense and requires no candy distribution! It is also a celebration for all things that are unseen and supernatural, while one can dress up as pretty much anything on Halloween.

Paranormal enthusiasts always are interested in studying more about the unknown realm. In addition, they will come to visit abandoned locations, nearby eerie forests and other 'haunted' places. Parties are also celebrated with creepy decor and activities that may or may not lead to paranormal things like playing with ouija boards.

There is a big demand in horror movies and documentaries about the supernatural and many people use social media to relay their accounts and post evidence of their experiences with ghosts, aliens, and other creatures and other supernatural entities.

Some reasons for Paranormal Day being loved

  • It's interesting!

National Paranormal Day is a wonderful opportunity when the spirits and ghosts of the deceased appear and pay our attention amazingly. Don't let them surprise you!

  • Magical party

If ghosts are no need any reasons to have a party, how about you? Do you have any ideals to celebrate a Magical Party? Of course, hanging strips of white crepe paper from the window and serve marshmallow ghosts (you can paint their eyes with chocolate sauce) floating in chocolate is a useful choice.

  • Connect with others - even the deceased

Are you afraid of the prospect? National Paranormal Day is a great opportunity to find a lot of paranormal enthusiasts or explore some relating interest. You can find more people with your same interest by publishing your contacts on social media using the hashtag #nationalparanormalday.

How to celebrate Paranormal Day

  • Explore the haunted house

You may already know the haunted houses in your neighborhood, but you can also search for some of the best country houses for some extra spooky. You can try to visit some creepy locations by using a flashlight. Jumping out of your fear is a useful way to enjoy National Paranormal Day!

  • Visit a graveyard with your friends

If you are the faint of heart, do not take part in.  However, if you really would like to have a chance of seeing a ghost, go to places where they are most likely to congregate, such as a cemetery. If you're looking for a specific ghost, their headstone is a good place to start. How about use some candles to set the mood?

  • There is a spooky party

Everyone loves Halloween, and National Paranormal Day is considered as the best thing. As the result, you can have a paranormal festival twice a year! They definitely appreciate it. Turn on some spooky tunes at night, or turn off the lights and watch a midnight horror movie to give your supernatural guests time to drop by.


Paranormal Day has been observed annually on May 3rd.


Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Saturday, May 3rd, 2025

Sunday, May 3rd, 2026

Also on Friday, May 3rd, 2024

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