National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is observed next on Friday, May 3rd, 2024 (66 days from today).

How many days until National Two Different Colored Shoes Day?


National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is a meaningful celebration on May 3rd every year in order to encourage us to embrace our uniqueness and showcase it.

Have you ever stood in front of your closet, stared at your shoe collection and wondered… Which of these is really appropriate for me to wear today? Red apartment? White pump? The lavender trainers? What if you could just wear… anything that catches your eye? Even if it's two shoes of different colors? In fact… What if that was actually more appropriate? Sound like a madcap shoe color paradise? We certainly think so!

Unless you've always loved the Avant-Garde and have a few pairs of symmetrically contrasting shoes in your closet, chances are you've never known what it's like to wear two pairs of different, completely different colors before. As the result, your dream of wearing two different colored shoes without being judged can come true; it is upon National Two Different Colored Shoes Day.

Whether you're commuting to work, school, attending a party or simply lounging around the house, today is time for us to pick out two different pairs of shoes from your shoes wardrobe and worn them with pride weirdly, because National Two Different Colored Shoes Day celebrates diversity and so it's our absolute favorite day!

Some truths about Shoes

  • Boots are inspired by royalty

In 1837, shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall created special boots with elastic sides for the queen and the style evolved into what are now known as Chelsea boots.

  • Wedge is a test

Wedges were born due to a steel shortage in Italy in the 1940s, which prompted designer Salvatore Ferragamo to experiment with new materials and styles.

  • Men wear high heels first

It is important for men to ride horses to have a heel to keep their tripod steady.

  • Sneaky sneakers

The term “athletic shoe” became popular in the late 1800s because people can move lightly thanks to the rubber sole.

  • All sides are the same

For many years, there was no right or interest in shoes until a Philadelphia shoemaker first made the distinction.

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day’s history

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is celebrated every year on May 3 and promotes the beauty of human diversity. Being unique makes us different, and this is something that should not be mocked but should be accepted. There's nothing more original than intentionally slipping on two dissimilar shoes, and striding comfortably in them.

This colorful day was created by Dr. Arlene Kaiser to celebrate the diversity and difference that makes people great. Dr. Kaiser started the trend by wearing two different colored shoes two or three times a week while simply walking through her usual day. People quickly embrace Kaiser's unique way to daily life. They celebrated their difference together by wearing two different colored shoes, and it quickly spread around the world.

Dr. Kaiser was an educator who taught more than 4,000 students in her day and was a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She also acts as a public speaker, providing coaching services to people and businesses. She strongly believes that people should celebrate their unique personalities and walk their own paths, and hopes to continue to inspire the world in small ways.

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day has been celebrated every year since 2009 and allows us to step outside and convey our diversity in the best ways.

So who is Dr. Arlene Kaiser?

Have you ever wondered that who is this magical woman? Tell me more about her! “So here it goes. Dr. Arleen Kaiser is a conscientious educator and has taught over 4000 students in her time. With more than a neckline, Dr. Arleen was also an actress and remains a member of the Screen Actors Guild to this day.

She is also a public speaker and currently provides presentation and coaching services to both corporate and individual clients. In addition to her impressive career, what makes Dr. Arleen special? Of course, it is her love of diversity and her constant encouragement of people to be who they are and not care about society tells them how they should be. Diversifying and walking your own path is central to her philosophy, and she hopes to inspire the world in small ways every day. When she's not speaking in public or inspiring people to accept their differences, Dr. Arlene's fun ideas include swimming, snorkeling, and playing board games at the same time she is also a fan of horses and equestrian sports. From what we can glean, she sounds like a damn woman.

Why National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is loved

  • It encourages diversity

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is all about accepting our differences and showing them off. It's a day created to promote originality and diversity in our world.

  • It implies individuality

Our personality is what makes each of us special. National Day of Two Different Shoe Colors allows us to embrace that and be proud of it.

  • It was a fun day

In fact, National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is extremely fun and amazing. It allows us to be silly for a day and have fun with the idea.

Celebrating National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

  • Wear two different color shoes

As its name, the best way to enjoy National Two Different Colored Shoes Day with our quirky differences is to wear two pairs of shoes of different colors. Put another shoe on your left and right foot, and walk with pride because you have your own personality.

  • Add some color to your workflow

We know that everyone can't go wrong with wearing two different shoe colors, especially working professionals. You can still embrace your own individuality by adding a few things to your usual work attire. It could be a few colorful socks, a vibrant scarf, or an oddly patterned tie.

  • Share on social networks

Hit your social media to share all the fun ways to celebrate the day. Take a photo of your new mismatched shoes or work accessory and post it on social media with the hashtag #TwoDierenceColoredShoesDay.


National Two Different Colored Shoes Day has been observed annually on May 3rd.


Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Saturday, May 3rd, 2025

Sunday, May 3rd, 2026

Founded by

Dr. Arlene Kaiser in 2009

Also on Friday, May 3rd, 2024

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