Pop Art Day

Pop Art Day is observed next on Tuesday, January 28th, 2025 (220 days from today).

How many days until Pop Art Day?


Pop Art stands for Popular Art, Popular Art, popular for all subjects and classes, in addition, the other meaning of the word "Pop" is a punch. Pop Art is an art form that reflects the material reality in the daily life of the masses (whose most powerful influence is American society). Pop Art values pop culture - "popular" culture and its inspiration is found on: everyday consumer products, advertising media, movies, animation, icons...

Every year January 28 is known as Pop Art Day, to honor this art form and raise awareness about Pop art.

History of Pop Art

Pop Art was created by an Englishman named Lawrence Alloway in 1955 to describe a distinctive visual art movement. Pop Art emerged in New York and London in the mid-1950s and became the dominant new style until the late 1960s. As can be seen, Pop Art makes the most effective use of mass art to Brings boldness and creativity. It was chosen to represent a new form of popular art and it is characterized by images of consumerism, popular culture and color blocks.

Features of Pop Art style

The recognizable feature of Pop Art style is the drawings in American comic books of the 50s and 60s. These paintings and drawings stand out by their vibrant, eye-catching colors… Thus, we can generalize the main features of Pop Art style that are recognizable objects, influenced by press pictures or mass media; flat or arrayed image format; visual language is quite youthful and has a bold expression; very vibrant colors, strong contrast, mainly yellow, red and blue. Typical examples are posters of Marilyn Monroe, colorful and rich.

Besides, Pop Art is also characterized by bold, simple lines, everyday images, combined with each vivid color block, this gives a modern feeling. The colors used are based on tastes from the culture of each country. Pop Art has also helped bridge the gap between commercial art and fine art.

In another aspect, Pop Art style is built on both abstract art (metaphor, satire) and commercial advertising style (communication using images of famous people through printing technology) press to increase sales, so celebrities are a conspicuous object in Pop Art). Therefore, the image that Pop Art uses sometimes favors banal elements or flashy elements but has no real value, often through humorous irony. Because, the basic idea behind Pop Art style is to create an art form that is immediately visible in the meaning contained therein. Pop Art is a tool that opens the world of painting and sculpture to ordinary people, for them it is something they can easily recognize and appreciate a work of art.

Right from the name, it shows enough breaking and explosion, so in architecture and interior, Pop Art is like a new breeze that brings freshness, dynamism, boldness and breakthrough to the house. A very simple way to design interiors in the Pop Art style is to use the works of art of this school itself: paintings, stylized photographs, graphic samples, animated comic books, poster or logo…

Today, Pop Art is still a unique and popular art movement. However, interior design and architecture in this style are not merely the use of contrasting, fresh colors, the arrangement of details "accidentally"; It's also not simply a variation of a classical architectural detail in a modern style, or using the details in a disproportionate way and then claiming to be a Pop Art design... Because, each building, regardless of its use. Whatever method is used, it must still ensure the consistency of expressing the meanings that it wants to convey.

Pop Art first appeared in the world in the mid-50s of the twentieth century in England. At that time, IG - Independent Group was established in London, England. This is a gathering place for young painters, architects, writers, sculptors, art critics, etc. to bring up debates around the effects of pop culture on art, challenge traditional art perspectives as well as cultural approaches. After that, Pop Art gradually spread to countries such as the US, Spain, the Netherlands... and spread all over the world.

In Italy, Pop Art is known in many different forms by artists such as Franco Angeli, Tano Festa, Mario Schifano, etc.

In Japan, Pop Art was known by Tadanori Yokoo – a talented graphic designer at that time.

Russia is a country that approaches the Pop Art style quite "slowly" and works of art in this style only emerged in the early 70s of the twentieth century.

Observing the Pop Art Day

There is nothing better than celebrating Pop Art Day by using furniture or costumes designed in Pop Art style. Certainly Pop Art style outfits will make you more youthful and full of life, especially will help you look like professional models with personality style. With Pop art style furniture, it will definitely bring a fresher and more different space to your home. Let's enjoy Pop Art Day and share your love with those around you on social media with the hashtag #PopArtDay.


Pop Art Day has been observed annually on January 28th.


Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Sunday, January 28th, 2024

Tuesday, January 28th, 2025

Wednesday, January 28th, 2026

Thursday, January 28th, 2027



Also on Tuesday, January 28th, 2025

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