Tell a Lie Day

(Also known as National Tell a Lie Day)

Tell a Lie Day is observed next on Friday, April 4th, 2025 (356 days from today).

How many days until Tell a Lie Day?


Tell a Lie Day takes place on April 4th and it allows us to lie within reason. It comes just a few days after April Fools' Day and it makes for the perfect holiday companion for those still in the spirit of trickery. Sometimes lying is acceptable. One of them involves bluffing while playing poker. You're better off keeping a straight face and acting like our hands aren't as great as they are. After all, sometimes being a good liar can pay off!

Origin of Tell a Lie Day

Tricksters have been around since the earliest days of written myths. They have appeared in folk tales around the world as gods, goddesses, spirits, and animals whose human characteristics tend to cause trouble.

Some Native American tribes used these stories as a way to teach their youth about the meaningful lessons about life. These charlatans are often depicted as coyote-like animals and take great pleasure in cheating, lying, deceiving and deceiving for their own gain or pleasure.

“Aesop's Fables” is a collection of fables by a slave and storyteller in Ancient Greece published in 1876. In “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf” story, a boy lied to the villagers about a wolf eating his sheep. The boy is actually lying to create a bit of arousal. When a real wolf arrives, he tells the villagers but they caught his game and they don't believe him. The shepherd boy's lamb was eaten and a wise man told him that no one believes a liar, even if he told the truth.

In 1940, the novel "The Adventures of Pinnochio" by Italian author Carlo Collodi was adapted into a cartoon. In “Pinnochio”, a poor woodcarver is so lonely that he wishes his puppet would appeared. The Green Fairy appears and grants him his wish, bringing Pinnochio to life, but he is still made of wood. Through Pinnochio's trials, he must pass the test of his goodness via a lot of choices. If he lies, there will an obvious sign that his nose will be grown.

The clown is a Jungian archetype. Instead, they were more engagingly humorous and had historical characters used to add a bit of fun to the story. On the opposite end of the spectrum will be DC Comics villain Joker, who has taken his clown and lying antics to dangerous levels. Nowadays, lying is not good and discouraged any more, however, Tell a Lie Day gives us a chance to be happier a little.

More about Lies

While we like to believe that Tell a Lie Day ends at midnight, the truth is that the average person lies at least twice a day. There is such a thing as lies that are acceptable, and they are often told to make the other person feel better. These lies are known as white lies and are generally widely accepted. There are 3 forms of lying that are acceptable. The first is called bluff. This is most often used in poker and other games where the truth must be hidden in order to win. This can also be used to convince the other person of your false intentions. The second type of lie is called the jocose lie. These lies are often interpreted by the team as lies. Irony and irony are examples of lies like this. The third type of lie is called an honest lie and it is when the person may have confused the information described or misled someone by accident. These lies are honest falsehoods and are not intended to hurt the other person. Lies like these are almost immediately remedied.

Finally, today is a day to reflect on lies you may have told in the past or plan to tell. Have you ever lied to get your aim? What's the worst lie you've ever told? How do you and your partner feel? Today could really be a day to decide to be more honest with yourself and those around you.

Celebration of Tell a Lie Day

  • Tell a little lie

No one wants to be seriously hurt by lies, but telling a harmless person can't hurt. Tell someone a fact about your life that is actually not real. Claim that you've climbed Everest or that you've eaten a hundred hotdogs in an hour. After you've convinced them, let them join your game and laugh about it.

  • Two truths and one lie

A fun game to play is one where you and some friends tell each other two truths and one lie about yourself. The idea is to keep all the similar cases together to make it harder to guess, or you can strategize and tell them an unbelievable fact about yourself so they think it's a lie.

  • Test your poker face

Play a game of poker and really try to confuse your opponent by managing your reactions. Play mind games is the most effective way to celebrate. When you have a great hand, try to show that your hand is unbeatable. Revealing what you really have can make others think otherwise.


Tell a Lie Day has been observed annually on April 4th.


Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Friday, April 4th, 2025

Saturday, April 4th, 2026

Sunday, April 4th, 2027

Also on Friday, April 4th, 2025

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