World Compliment Day

World Compliment Day is observed next on Saturday, March 1st, 2025 (281 days from today).

How many days until World Compliment Day?


In a global initiative to create the most positive day in the world, World Compliment Day is celebrated on March 1st every year to spread joy through simple affirmations of appreciation. With less focus on providing physical representations of appreciation, this day means it costs absolutely nothing, so everyone can participate! As the result, this day is a reminder to voice your positive thoughts and watch them light up the room!

History of World Compliment Day

After several successful celebrations of National Compliment Day, founder Hans Poortvliet from the Netherlands decided to make it World Compliment Day and dedicate a worldwide holiday to show this positivity. March 1 of each year is just to reflect on a sense of what someone in your community does well and let them know that they sincerely appreciate it. With a particular emphasis on showing appreciation through words rather than gifts, this holiday can be celebrated by anyone, anywhere. Professional recognition is vital, as Hans himself said, “Nothing is more stimulating, more energetic, makes people happier, and business-related increases productivity and commitment faster than sincere appreciation. So why not use it a little more? “We couldn't agree more!

Praise is one of the ways to show our solidarity, cooperation, friendliness and goodwill.  When traits like individualism and hard work are culturally valued, being rewarded for your personal achievements through the recognition of others can be a powerful motivator. As it says on the World Compliment Day website: “If, on March 1, each person pays at least three people in their environment or social network a sincere and heartfelt compliment, we are sure will create the World's Most Positive Day! But more than that, we should all remember how important it is to make everyone feel appreciated, it's a natural human need to feel recognized and no one should feel ashamed for wanting it. Receiving recognition feels great and recognition is equally enjoyable, seeing someone's face light up after giving a nice compliment is a total win. But adults tend to feel like they don't have to reward people, even with just praise if they're simply doing what they're expected to do. So we are often underestimated and overworked in pursuit of that validation. Let's put an end to that haunting tradition of untapped ego, we want people to feel good about themselves so the world can be a better place!

How to Celebrate World Compliment Day

Praise may seem difficult at first, but it doesn't have to be! Really, it's just a matter of observing something good about someone else and then communicating that to them. Although 61% of people say compliments embarrass them, that doesn't mean they don't need to hear them.

Expressing admiration and appreciation are relationship skills that don't always come naturally - they can be learned. Compliments can be an important part of relationships with people, helping to improve people's daily lives. And World Compliment Day is a great time to practice!

Consider these different ways to celebrate World Compliment Day with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and even strangers:

Praise with words

The best way to give compliments is to make sure what you're saying is genuine and sincere. Of course, it doesn't have to destroy the earth. You can just let someone know that they've done a great job or that you like their new outfit or hairstyle. But if you can give a deeper compliment and let them know how much impact they have made in your life that makes even more sense!

Send cards or notes

Handwritten notes and letters have gone into depth since the invention of the computer. But a handwritten card or note always adds a personal touch! Keeping an empty stack of cards in your desk or bag makes it easy to leave notes for someone, even on the go. It doesn't have to be too long, just a brief message to say something nice is perfect.

Thank you Service Staff

Another thing to do on World Honor Day is remember to smile and say thank you when you meet the people who do your daily service. Bus drivers, cashiers at a coffee shop or grocery store, taxi drivers, or even people you meet in a store or gas station. Tell them what they did well or noticed something good about them and see how it can affect their day. Service can be a rather ungrateful business at times, and a smile with a sincere thank you can mean the world to them!

Share your passion

In the days leading up to World Compliment Day, feel free to give a reminder to friends and family so they can pass it along too. The more people know about it, the more likely the planet is to be a positive and exciting place to live.

In today's fast-paced world, taking the time to compliment those around us is an art that should be passed on to our children and grandchildren so that it doesn't fade from generation to generation. World Compliment Day is the ideal opportunity to teach children how to be sincere about caring for others. This is also a good time to teach them to appreciate those around them and not take the people in their life for granted.

Other Bonus Opportunities

A compliment plays an important role in our life. Those in the education sector, health professionals, and civil servants are just some of the other areas where compliments can be effective. Just think a little, you will surely reveal who in life can use a boost!


World Compliment Day has been observed annually on March 1st.


Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

Friday, March 1st, 2024

Saturday, March 1st, 2025

Sunday, March 1st, 2026

Monday, March 1st, 2027

Founded by

Hans Poortvliet

Also on Saturday, March 1st, 2025

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