World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice is observed next on Thursday, February 20th, 2025 (278 days from today).

How many days until World Day of Social Justice?


February 20 each year is a great opportunity to celebrate unity, civil society and respect for all as the United Nations World Day of Social Justice. In a world struggling with inclusion, effective dialogue, respect for differences and common goals, this is an opportunity for us to be reminded of the importance of human rights and equality.

History of World Day of Social Justice

On 10 June 2008, the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization was agreed to adopt by the International Labor Organization. This is the third major statement of principles and policies adopted by the International Labor Organization. The International Labor Conference adopted it since the ILO's Constitution of 1919. This Declaration builds on the Philadelphia Declaration of 1944 and the 1998 Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. 2008 represents a contemporary vision of the ILO's mission in the era of globalization.

The Declaration marks a major turning point, a powerful reaffirmation of the values of the ILO. That is the result of tripartite consultations that began following the World Commission's Report on the Social Aspect of Globalization. With this document, representatives of governments, employers' and workers' organizations from 182 Member States emphasize the important role our Tripartite Organization plays in helping progress and social justice in the context of globalization. Together, they are committed to enhancing the capacity of the ILO to advance these goals, through the Serious Work Programme. The Declaration institutionalizes the concept of Serious Work developed by the ILO since 1999, placing it at the core of the Organization's policies to achieve its constitutional goals.

The declaration comes at a critical political time, reflecting a broad consensus on the need for a strong societal dimension to globalization to achieve improved and equitable outcomes for everyone. It constitutes a compass for promoting fair globalization based on good works, as well as a practical tool for accelerating progress in the implementation of the Serious Work Agenda at the national level. It also reflects the performance outlook by highlighting the importance of sustainable businesses in creating greater income and employment opportunities for all.

The General Assembly recognizes that social development and social justice are integral to the attainment and maintenance of peace and security within and between States and, therefore, social development and social justice cannot be achieved without peace and security, or without respect for all fundamental human rights and freedoms.

It also recognizes that globalization and interdependence are opening up new opportunities through trade, investment and capital flows and that advances in technology, including information technology, for growth of the world economy and development and improvement of living standards worldwide, at the same time serious challenges remain, including severe financial crisis, insecurity, poverty, exclusion and inequality within and between societies, and significant obstacles to deeper integration and full participation in the global economy for developing countries, as well as some countries with The economy is in transition.

On 26 November 2007, the General Assembly declared that February 20 every year shall be celebrated as World Day of Social Justice with the beginning of the sixty-third session of the General Assembly,

Observing World Day of Social Justice

On World Social of Justice Day, there are media campaigns to raise awareness of the need for better social justice both within and between countries.  Its purposes are promoting human rights, removing artificial social barriers based on race, gender or religion and standing up for the rights of migrants, people with disabilities and the elderly are among the themes of the this event in any year.


World Day of Social Justice has been observed annually on February 20th.


Monday, February 20th, 2023

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

Thursday, February 20th, 2025

Friday, February 20th, 2026

Saturday, February 20th, 2027

Also on Thursday, February 20th, 2025