World Thinking Day

(Also known as B.-P. Day, Founders' Day, Thinking Day (1926 to 1998))

World Thinking Day is observed next on Saturday, February 22nd, 2025 (221 days from today).

How many days until World Thinking Day?


February 22 every year is World Thinking Day, held annually with each year being a main theme, but with the purpose of highlighting the strength of the collective. The day when the Girl Scouts and female guides are gathered together to carry out joint activities.

Besides the Boy Scout movement founded by Baden Powell. In 1910, the Girl Scout movement was founded by Mrs. Agnes Baden Powell, sister of Baden Powell. In 1912, Baden Powel married Miss Olave St.Claire Soames - who happened to have the same February 22 birthday as Baden Powell - and Mrs. Olave Baden Powell and her husband's sister contributed much to the construction of the Girl Scouts units. Since then, Scouting has become an educational movement that attracts young people to participate in activities. Crossing the British border, the Scouting movement quickly spread all over the world. Over the past hundred years, the Scouting movement has been maintained and developed strongly in many countries.

Scouting is an informal youth education movement growing worldwide.

When it comes to Scouting education, it refers to an educational method based on voluntary Law and Promise, symbolism, nature, team, learning by practice, personal growth program and adult support.

Today, many individuals and educational organizations have realized the effectiveness of the Scouting method of education, and want to apply it to their children's education or in their educational organization, but have expressed concerns about it because I don't want to be called a Boy Scout.

In fact, in the world, many organizations and associations have been flexibly applying the Scout method to educate children very effectively.

1. Laws and Promises

This is the spiritual tool that Scouting uses to educate young people, to evoke and build in young people a Scout Spirit - which is drawn into 10 core values ​​based on 10 laws. The Promise is a recommendation, a commitment, a self-effort so that young people have the ability to help themselves, others and humanity.

2. Team Method

Scouting for children to educate children. Older, more capable children will be taught how to both make themselves more and more developed and perfect, and can help their peers or younger children develop together. These children, in addition to activities with the group, will receive additional training in will, temperament, personal skills... in order to be able to perform their roles effectively. Practice also shows that children can be willing to learn from older, better children in an active and effective way. Young groups (Team, Dan, Week...) seem to become a family of children.

3. Out in nature

Outdoor activities always create excitement, curiosity, and refreshment in children. Children have health, love to explore... and only nature can meet that in the fullest, richest, most diverse way... that no other classroom can meet.

4. Personal promotion program

Scouting education aims to develop each individual in a common program by encouraging children to participate actively in activities, pursuing a system of personal advancement programs.

5. Logos

The context of activities together with the uniform and the system of brands, ranks and ranks is an important factor in Scouting education. Children "live" in their environment and space. Therefore, children feel freer, become more excited and active, actively train and develop themselves.

6. Learning by doing

It's really practice, not a demo or simulation, you work and do it over and over until you get it right. Such learning brings great educational value, not just a skill that I can practice.

7. The supportive role of adults

Adults play an extremely important role in Scouting education, in the development and self-improvement of children.

An adult in Scouting must be a worthy person for children to learn and follow.

Observing World Thinking Day

On World Thinking Day, girl scouts and female guides gather to organize programs and events together. For example, they can work together to build peace, clean up trash together, and various other charitable events. You can also share your insights on World Thinking Day or participate in scouting activities that have a running theme. Share on social media with hashtag #WorldThinkingDay.


World Thinking Day has been observed annually on February 22nd.


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Saturday, February 22nd, 2025

Sunday, February 22nd, 2026

Monday, February 22nd, 2027

Also on Saturday, February 22nd, 2025