Curling is Cool Day

Curling is Cool Day is observed next on Sunday, February 23rd, 2025 (221 days from today).

How many days until Curling is Cool Day?


Curling is a sport that has been around since the 16th century in Scotland. In the 20th century, Snooker on Ice had specific standards for competition in the Olympic Games.

Men's snooker was introduced to the Olympic Games in 1924. Curling was actually born in 1541 in Scotland. And in 1924, at the Olympics at Chamonix, the first time this sport was present. But it was not until the 1998 Nagano Olympics that snooker was reintroduced into official competitions at the Winter Olympics.

Ice snooker seems simple and easy to play but it is not. This is also a sport that combines both individual and team elements, as well as requires tactics to win, so it is also known as ice chests. And to celebrate the sport mainly played in cold weather, February 23 every year is Curling Is Cool Day.

Curling began to be played in Russia 150 years ago, is one of the oldest sports. This sport is called Curling on Ice or Throwing Weights on Ice.

Curling is contested in the range of a rectangular ice rink 42.06m long, 4.75m wide, similar to the pitching line of Bowling. At the two ends of the ice rink, there are two circles with blue outer edge, white next edge, red inner border and white center with the radius of the rings respectively 1.83m, 1.22m, 0.61m and 0.15m. The players of both teams will stand at the 2 ends of the field called "Hack" to throw weights towards the center of the "house" circle at the other end of the field. "Hack" is two points connecting the median along its length and dividing the ice rink into two equal parts according to the following diagram:

The Curling dumbbell called "Stone" is a round stone weighing about 20kg, with a handle on the top for players to lift the weight and throw it on the ice.

Although the competition form of weight throwing on ice is quite simple, in fact, this subject requires a very high level of accuracy when players calculate coordinates and directions to coordinate with each other throwing power to bring the dumbbell to its target position. Curling is also the subject of careful analysis of the effects of friction and the direction of rotation of the dumbbell, making it even more interesting for fans to learn about the natural principles of matter. Therefore, the sport of throwing weights on ice also requires sophisticated competition strategies and is also known as "ice chess". Not only has that, curling also made athletes lose a lot of energy. Athletes applying ice to the slide are very strenuous and can lose up to two kilograms of weight after each session.

Besides, a very complicated job is preparing the runway for curling. On the finished runway, tiny particles are sprayed with geometric precision so that the athlete can then grind the path for the stone to slide. Each stone weighs 20 kg.

Currently in Russia curling is actively developing. In the country there are many curling clubs, where anyone can learn to play this amazing sport. In 1873 in Moscow the first Russian curling club was opened. It is a branch of the Curling club from Scotland.

Some terms in Curling (Court ball on ice/Throwing weights on ice):

- Draw: throw the dumbbell stopped at the position in the "house" circle.

- Guard: throw the dumbbell stopped in the defensive position to protect the dumbbell of a teammate who is in another position.

- Take Out: throw the barbell to touch the opponent's dumbbell to push it out of the "house" circle.

- Sweeping: If you let the broom hit the dumbbell, you will be fouled.

- Come Around: a throwing form of the "Dwaw Shot" technique, bringing the weight to a lined position behind the teammate's dumbbell.

- Hurry: the meaning of the sign tells teammates to sweep or rub harder, faster.

 - Clean: the meaning of the sign telling teammates to sweep or rub lightly in front of the dumbbell's position.

Observing Curling Is Cool Day

To observe Curling is Cool Day, you can search and watch curling competitions in the Olympic Games every year to understand more about the rules and difficulty of this sport. Share your info with the hashtag #CurlingIsCoolDay.


Curling is Cool Day has been observed annually on February 23rd.


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