World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is observed next on Sunday, February 2nd, 2025 (260 days from today).

How many days until World Wetlands Day?


World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2nd February, aiming to raise awareness about the important role wetlands play for people and our planet. "Wetlands and Water" is the international theme for World Wetlands Day 2021, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands.

History of World Wetlands Day

A wetland is a distinct ecosystem that is flooded, either permanently or seasonally. Examples of wetlands include marshes, lagoons, coral reefs, and salt marshes. Vegetation of aquatic plants makes wetlands different from other landforms or bodies of water. Wetlands also support both aquatic and terrestrial animals. Except Antarctica, wetlands exist on every continent.

  • Wetlands play an important role in the world's ecosystems, including:
  • Protect our shores from the effects of waves
  • Reducing the impact of floods
  • Absorb pollutants
  • Improve water quality
  • Provide habitat for animals and plants
  • Provides an important link between land and water
  • More than a billion people depend on wetlands for their livelihood.
  • Up to 40% of the world's species live and breed in wetlands.

Sadly, wetlands around the world are disappearing, which is 3 times faster than forests. Between 1970 and 2015, about 35% of the world's wetlands were lost. Wetlands disappear for a variety of reasons. These include climate change, urbanization and population growth. Pollution, unsustainable use and invasive species also threaten the existence of wetlands.

Despite the importance of wetlands, policymakers and decision makers still underestimate wetlands. The world needs to be educated about the importance of this biodiversity ecosystem. Wetlands are larger than Greenland. Of all the wetlands, the world only protects between 13 and 18 percent of them.

This holiday was first celebrated in 1997. Each year has a new theme and it is the focus of all celebrations that year. Some previous topics were "No wetlands, no water", "Fish for tomorrow?" and "Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People". World Wetlands Day brings awareness and memory of the 1971 Wetland Convention. The Convention and World Wetland Day were established to educate about the importance of wetlands and their significance. them to humanity and the planet.

In fact, do you really know the importance of wetlands? There is data that demonstrates a link between fresh wetlands and a reduction in extreme weather. Also, when there are healthy wetlands, those nearby tend to be healthier. UN Water estimates that 90% of natural hazards are caused by water. This makes wetlands very important. When inclement weather arrives, the wetlands act as a buffer zone. This allows bad weather to slow down a bit and allow time for people nearby to reach safety. If wetlands could cause some weather disruption, there could be less property damage and loss of life. Starting to see why we should care for wetlands? I know I am!

How to Celebrate World Wetlands Day

If your family would like to celebrate World Wetlands Day, it is a great opportunity to see if there are wetlands in your community. If so, you are sure to find a group or agency that oversees them. You can see that there are sponsored activities on this day. If you can't find any live events in your area, why not organize one? If you have a wetland, you can take the time to go and visit. I know that sometimes wetlands can have trails that allow you to walk enjoying the green space and reconnect with nature. Look around as you walk and you'll see that it's not just the wetlands that are treasured, but also the animals that live in them.

Not up for a trip outside? Why not spend a little time reading about them and conservation issues? Get involved by signing petitions, calling elected officials or meeting others in your area who are also looking to make a difference. Most of all just guaranteed to celebrate World Wetlands Day!


World Wetlands Day has been observed annually on February 2nd.


Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Sunday, February 2nd, 2025

Monday, February 2nd, 2026

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2027

Also on Sunday, February 2nd, 2025

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