April Fools' Day

(Also known as All Fools' Day)

April Fools' Day is observed next on Tuesday, April 1st, 2025 (290 days from today).

How many days until April Fools' Day?


As one of the most special holidays in the world, April Fools makes life more interesting with jokes and harmless lies. However, some lies can create many different emotions. Anyway, April Fools' Day is also very popular and is always welcome every year on April 1. April Fools' Day is the International Day of Lies, this is the fun society day, attractive to mischievous and humorous people. On this day, you can trick your friends with jokes, pranks to make everyone happier, life more interesting.

Origin of April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day originated in France and later became an indispensable tradition for the people of this country. Gradually this day became popular and spread to other countries such as England, Scotland...

In 16th century France, the new year was counted from April 1 because this day was considered the first day of spring. But in 1582, Emperor Charles IX ordered that New Year's Day be moved to January 1.

But because at that time, information was only transmitted mainly by messengers running, so not all people knew that there was such a change. Others know, but still do not accept the new calendar and continue to welcome the New Year on April 1. This stubborn game was called "silly" and became a laughing stock. Later, people jokingly called April 1 of that year "lie day". From there, the name "April Fools" or "Lying Day" was born.

April Fools' Day is considered a day when people can bring laughter to each other. You can enjoy fooling people with harmless jokes or lies without fear of making anyone angry. There is only one day in a year where we are free to lie and make fun of people to bring laughter and joy to life, so it's interesting.

Over time, the April 1 joke became a tradition and spread from France to England and Scotland (18th century). The British and French introduced the custom of lying to the colonies in North America. Since then, April Fools' Day has become an internationally accepted festival in many different countries.

How to observe April Fools' Day

Besides bringing laughter, in each country, the April Fools' Day joke has a distinct meaning.

1. Vietnam

This is a holiday originating from France, later in Vietnam, also influenced a bit by the culture from this country, so we also consider April 1 every year as a lie day like France. Every year, April Fools' Day is received very positively by young people. People often come up with lies on this holiday to make fun of each other. Young people also call this day "International Confession Day" because on this lie day, people can honestly and fake love confess to the person they like without fear of humiliation when they refuse. Because if it doesn't work, this is also considered a joke.

2. France

In France, people choose April 1 every year as lying day and those who are deceived on this day are called Poissons D'Avirl which means "April Fools". Maybe that's why in our country this day is called April Fools.

3. English

In the UK, the victims in pranks are called April Fools' Day which also means Fool - fool. In the 50s of the 20th century, there was a study by folklorists Inoa and Peter Opie in England and countries of British origin that jokes would cease at noon. A person who jokes around after noon is also a "fool".

4. Romania

In Romania, an April Fools' Day joke was revealed by shouting "Pácăleală de 1 Aprilie!" (Meaning April fool’s prank) with the opposite person and that person becomes "April fool".

5. Scotland

In Scotland, there are 2 April Fools' Day. The second day of this April Fools tradition is known as Tail Claw Day because this day is specifically dedicated to teasing people's backs.

6. Mexico

Mexico celebrates lying day on December 28. This day is a sad day for this country, because on that very day, King Herod ordered the massacre of innocent children. So people here to forget that sad moment have chosen this day as the day of lies, the jokes of this day are often gentle in nature.

April Fools' Day is the only day of the year that allows us to lie freely without fear of affecting anyone. On this day lies are almost harmless and only meant to bring joy and laughter. So on April Fools' Day, if you haven't come up with any interesting lies, then take the time to find objects and interesting jokes.

Share funny moments when you tricked April Fools on social media with the hashtag #AprilFool'sDay.


April Fools' Day has been observed annually on April 1st.


Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Monday, April 1st, 2024

Tuesday, April 1st, 2025

Wednesday, April 1st, 2026

Thursday, April 1st, 2027

Also on Tuesday, April 1st, 2025

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