Biographer's Day

Biographer's Day is observed next on Friday, May 16th, 2025 (327 days from today).

How many days until Biographer's Day?


Biographer's Day on May 16th every year commemorates the anniversary of the first meeting of Samuel Johnson and his biographer James Boswell in London, England on May 16, 1763, and honors all biographers.

Biographers don't get enough credit for the work they do, that is why there's Biographer's Day! This holiday commemorates the history of biographers as a classic literary art form and helps people explore biographers as a way to explore the lives of others. Do you want to know more about what you can do to celebrate Biographer's Day? Let get more knowledge about the history of biographical writing and how you can celebrate this fun and exciting holiday.

History of Biographer's Day

In the mid-1700s, Samuel Johnson, a biographer, met biographer James Boswell in London, England on May 16. According to Johnson, the best biographers ate, drank, and maintained social relationship with the person to whom they are writing.

The meeting between Johnson and Boswell eventually led to the publication of one of the most famous biographies in English literature. James Boswell's research and narrative style has set the standard for biographers as his biography of Johnson is considered one of the finest in the English language.

However, it is said that the biography dates back long before that meeting. They are historically written and it is believed that one of the first biographies was written during the Roman Empire. The biographical genre began to emerge in the 1800s and reached contemporary form in the early 1900s. While biographies experienced a period of stagnation thereafter, autobiography became more popular and even for the most part. They are still relevant today as memoirs.

However, biographies remain a relevant source of information for students, academics and readers. Biographies are extremely popular because they provide insight into a person's life. Furthermore, in recent times, biographies have grown and found a strong foothold in the multimedia form. This includes biographical documentaries, commercials, and more.

It is true that there is a day dedicated to honoring biographers who work tirelessly to write down someone's life in a way that creates rapport with their readers.

Benefits of a well-detailed biography

A significant benefit of biographies is that they are written from a 3rd person perspective, showing how the person's life has interacted and influenced aspects they may not have considered. It's a bit creepy, but it also shows the historical influences that the person has after they pass away.

A well-written biography can make history come alive. For those who have trouble remembering certain historical events and figures, biographies can really help reinforce ideas.

When approached, most biographers will not directly say that they are first and foremost biographers, but storytellers. A well-written biography should build an entire story, one where the reader is standing in his chair for the details that follow. While facts should remain in biographies, the use of language can enhance a life's story and keep readers eager to turn the pages. After all, everyone's life is filled with details; it's how biographers rotate them that can make them so compelling. The biographer's first goal is to tell the truth about one's life, and the second: to turn it into a compelling book.

When using the word “biography,” the first idea that may come to mind is a book, but great vehicles for biographies are documentary-style movies and shows, as well as contemporary podcasts. It is a way for biographers to use different mediums to convey the life of a particular person other than just the written word.

Some reasons for Biographer's Day being loved

  • Biographers get credit

Biographers don't get enough credit for the work they do, and that's going to change. National Biographers Day not only celebrates an important event in the history of the genre, but it also helps to honor the work that biographers have done to bring real stories to their readers.

  • Biography makes history come alive

A well-written biography is more than just a pleasure to read. It can really help us gain insight into people's lives and reinforce their ideas and experiences.

  • It encourages biographical reading

Biography is a basic literary genre. While reading fiction can help us relax and open our imaginations, on the other hand, biography can transport us to a whole new world. Reading biographies can help you get to know how another person has lived and worked, and maybe you can learn some good habits from them. Biographies should be on every reader's reading list.

How to celebrate Biographer's Day

  • Read bio

Biographer's Day is a good time to choose and read biographies. Or, finally, continue the bio that you haven't been able to complete. Think of someone you'd like to know more about and find out if there's a biography about them.

  • Write bio

Why not try writing your own bio? You can consult other biographies to get an idea of ​​the style, structure, nuance, etc. Think of someone who inspires you and someone whose story everyone should know. You don't have to publish it; this is something you can do for yourself.

  • Join the non-fiction book club

There are many book clubs out there. You can join a nonfiction book club on Biographer's Day and read bios with them. Book clubs discuss books at the end of the reading session, and it's a great way to not only express your thoughts, but also get different perspectives on the biography.


Biographer's Day has been observed annually on May 16th.


Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

Friday, May 16th, 2025

Saturday, May 16th, 2026

Sunday, May 16th, 2027

Also on Friday, May 16th, 2025

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