Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day

Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day is observed next on Friday, April 7th, 2023 (126 days from today).

How many days until Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day?


Women face barriers that men do not. Currently, in communities around the developing world, some 400 million women and girls live below the poverty line of US$1.90 a day, trapped by restrictive standards and attitudes that making it impossible for them to earn their own income, control their own assets, and make their own decisions. In other words, inequality between men and women is not different from poverty - it causes poverty. And as long as barriers to women's empowerment are allowed to exist, people will have to go to bed hungry. Empowering women entrepreneurs is so hard and exactly is a process – with a focus on business, life skills training and vocational training – that helps women take control of their finances and also take develop of your economic and speak up and be heard in the family. In the end, it's not just money but power, and making sure women have more of it - to take charge of their own destiny, make themselves heard and lift the next generation out of poverty. That's why Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day is held every year on April 7th to observe what's going on women around us to push them to develop further and to give all of us the opportunity to empower future female entrepreneur to let them decide their own path.

History of Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day

Although the origins and history of Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day are still unknown. Even the founder of Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day is still in question. However, it can be said that this day is of particular importance to women entrepreneurs and many NGOs and global organizations are born to promote the Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs such as Hand in Hand International. Organizations can work individually, or they can come together to organize activities aimed at women entrepreneurs in their communities. With activities such as tutorials, skills training, most organizations have brought to everyone a meaningful Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day.

How to observe Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day

On Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day, you are encouraged to participate in skills training activities as well as additional activities created by organizations around the world to increase the knowledge and skills of women entrepreneurs. If you have no idea about an organization, please refer to Hand in Hand International, they share and update the latest issues related to empowering women entrepreneurs. In addition, on Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day, you are also encouraged to honor your female friends, sisters or female leaders who have taken ownership of their career paths. Either way, share your Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day with the hashtag #EmpoweredWomenEntrepreneursDay on social media to spread a positive message to those around you.


Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day has been observed annually on April 7th.


Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

Friday, April 7th, 2023

Sunday, April 7th, 2024

Monday, April 7th, 2025

Also on Friday, April 7th, 2023

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