Moth-er Day

Moth-er Day is observed next on Friday, March 14th, 2025 (326 days from today).

How many days until Moth-er Day?


Moths, animals with beautiful appearance, will surprise you with amazing discoveries. And it's wonderful to have Moth-er Day on the calendar dedicated to moths, dedicated to discovering the fascinating moths of all countries and territories. Moth-er Day is celebrated every year on March 14th, take the time to explore the world of beautiful moths on this fun day that can make you more appreciative and more loving life.

History of Moth-er Day

Easily confused with Mother's Day, but, Moth-er Day is a day for colorful, diverse moths. Scientists have discovered and better described more than 135,000 different species of moths. Moth experts estimate there are at least 100,000 more species of moths yet to be discovered, and some suggest that the true number of moths is as high as half a million.

Like butterflies and bees, moths are hard-working night shift workers of Earth's pollination industry. By the time bees, butterflies, and birds have fled home at nightfall, the moths will begin their shifts, nibbling on the pollen, spreading the pollen from plant to tree in a graceful manner.

Moths are masters of camouflage, the moths Uropyia meticulodina, moths of the family Notodontidae have the ability to transform themselves into a curled dry leaf to spectacularly hide from predators. Their camouflage skills are ranked among the masters of the animal world. It is the complex camouflage ability of moths that has helped scientists determine what camouflage means for the animal world. However, moth enthusiasts use a number of tricks to lure moths closer. First, many moths will glow at night, so you can start by observing the moths that visit your porch light. To see a greater diversity of moth species in your area, try using a black light and receiver, or even a mercury vapor lamp. Some moths may not be able to light up but can't resist a mix of fermented sweets. You can create a special moth-attracting recipe using ripe bananas, molasses, and stale beer. Paint the mixture on a few trunks and see who comes to try.

Moth-er Day is celebrating their existence and all about celebrating unique facts about moths in the world. It also gives people the chance to learn and discover the types of moths in their own backyard.

For those who love the insect world, discovering the different types of moths out there and helping to collect data for scientists to continue their moth research and educate people about the world around them.

Throughout the day, scientists take the time to publish their findings about the nature of moths and people everywhere go out into their backyards and see what types of moths live in their area.

How to celebrate Moth-er Day

Celebrate Moth-er day by getting out and exploring your natural world. See what types of moths are out there and study them. Draw pictures of moths and keep a moth diary. If you find anything unique about moths, submit your findings to a scientific organization or a natural history organization and see if it helps. Do your research on the different moths out there and find your favorite moth.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #moth-erday and let your friends and family know that this day is about appreciating the beauty of moths, fellow behavior.


Moth-er Day has been observed annually on March 14th.


Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Friday, March 14th, 2025

Saturday, March 14th, 2026

Sunday, March 14th, 2027



Also on Friday, March 14th, 2025

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