National Autonomous Vehicle Day

National Autonomous Vehicle Day is observed next on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 (111 days from today).

How many days until National Autonomous Vehicle Day?


Embrace the future of travel on National Autonomous Vehicle Day, celebrated each year on May 31st. While self-driving cars have recently existed in our imaginations (or on silver screens), technology and science have combined to bring us the dawn of a new era of travel, when cars can go from one place to another without anyone touching the wheel. To stay up-to-date on the latest autonomous inventions, follow a leading automotive journalist who brings together resources and research for a better understanding. Established to celebrate advancements in the autonomous vehicle industry and realize its potential opportunities, National Autonomous Vehicle Day shows us that we are approaching a sea change in the way we drive.

Why National Autonomous Vehicle Day?

We all love to travel, but we are lazy to drive around, especially when we are on the road. However, thanks to the latest technologies available today, we already have self-driving cars and other self-driving vehicles.

One of the technologies on which we depend a lot is on vehicles and all other forms of transportation. When it comes to technology, we are always looking for solutions and trying to find ways to make our lives better.

In the trials of improving transportation, autonomous and unmanned flying vehicles were born. They are not only a step forward in science but also a huge help to us. They make our lives so much easier by taking us where we want to go.

However, many issues and apprehensions remain around autonomous vehicles, and industries are working to prove their safety and usefulness. On this day, we overcome our fears and realize the rapid changes that occur in our daily lives and appreciate the positive improvement of science.

History of National Autonomous Vehicle Day

Autonomous vehicles are not a new concept. The legend of the flying carpets is the example of human imagination of dreaming of a driverless car. Many technological innovations over the years have led to the development of self-propelled vehicles as they are today, such as the torpedo-guided system and General Motors' 1958 Chevy, whose coils enabled the model. This is self-driving. In fact, this journey began nearly 100 years ago, when military engineer Francis Houdina attached a radio control system to a car, allowing him to control it via remote control. To demonstrate features like turning, speed control, and honking, he drove this car around the streets of New York. Apparently, the driverless car terrified passersby, who called it a 'ghost car'.

Of course, the innovation in autonomous vehicles did not refer to cars only. Local Motors has developed Olli, an autonomous electric shuttle that can carry 12 passengers at a time. In addition, self-driving passenger vehicles, self-driving buses and self-driving commercial trucks are also being developed. The Ministry of Defense is also developing self-driving military vehicles.

Emerging startup ecosystem platform Prairie and American tech talk show host Marlo Anderson founded National Autonomous Vehicle Day in 2017.

Interesting Facts about National Autonomous Vehicle Day

  • Autonomous vehicles recreate the road in 3D to better understand the road and ensure safety for tourists.
  • The first prototype of a driverless car was operated by Google in 2015, under the management of Alphabet Inc.
  • Researchers estimate that by 2035 there will be about 90% of self-driving cars on the roads, and by 2050 virtually all road vehicles will be driverless.
  • A study revealed that in an emergency, self-driving cars can sacrifice tourists to save those on the road.
  • Google has more than 12 self-driving cars and they have recorded a total of 11 crashes. However, later tests showed that none of the accidents were caused by cars.
  • If all cars became self-driving, studies predict a 90% reduction in accidents, an 80% reduction in emissions, and a 40% reduction in congestion and traffic.

How to celebrate National Autonomous Vehicle Day

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate national days; all that matters is having fun and sharing something knowledgeable for the day. There are many ways we can observe National Autonomous Vehicle Day, and some of them are:

  • Obviously you're here because you have a lot of interest in cars and autonomous vehicles. So on this day, for more knowledge about self-driving cars and unmanned aerial vehicles. Read more about them and dive into it. Feel free to do your own research and feed your mind with all the interesting facts.
  • If you have ever driven or traveled with a self-driving car, please share your experience and how you feel at the moment. At first, you will probably be a little scared to see a car turn around and drive it, just like in horror movies. Use #NationalAutonomousVehicleDay and share your story on social media platforms for all to read.
  • You can also use this as an opportunity to share your valuable thoughts and views on this development. Some of you may like it, while others may hate it; either way, shares your opinion on social media platforms for everyone to read.


National Autonomous Vehicle Day has been observed annually on May 31st.


Monday, May 31st, 2021

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Friday, May 31st, 2024

Saturday, May 31st, 2025

Founded by

Emerging Prairie in 2017

Marlo Anderson in 2017

Also on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

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