National Macaroon Day

National Macaroon Day is observed next on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 (118 days from today).

How many days until National Macaroon Day?


It is a day to celebrate the unleavened cakes or cookies made of egg whites, sugar, and almond paste or coconut.

Macaroons are one of our favorite cookies. They have interesting combinations of flavors and always look good if you like that kind of cookie. Although they are of Italian origin, these cookies are much more than one country can offer, which is why there are so many regional variations around the world! National Macaroon Day is a great opportunity to give them a taste, whether it's the boldly spiced coconut from the Dominican Republic or the velvety thick chocolate of the Scottish Macaroon, you're sure to find one my favorite food!

Something about National Macaroon Day

The Italians are credited for creating these sweet morsels around the 8th or 9th century. The recipes were later traveled to France. In other parts of the world, however, the flourless cookie once served its purpose during religious occasions.

Finally, biscuits made their way to the United States, where coconut macaroons required only a few ingredients to make. Grated coconut served as the main ingredient. Usually sweetened, coconut can also be toasted. Other ingredients include flour, sugar or sweetened condensed milk, egg whites, and flavorings. After the ingredients are combined, the mixture is dropped spoon by spoon onto the baking tray and baked. Most coconut macaroons are dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Almonds, pecans, cashews, or other nuts are sometimes added to cookies.

This cookie is so easy to make, even a beginner can succeed with the simple recipe.

History of National Macaroon Day

The history of National Macaroon Day begins in a place you might not have imagined, a monastery in Italy. You see, it was from this abbey that derived the marzipan recipe, which was eventually brought to France and presented to King Henry II's wife, Catherine de Medici. For those unaware, Catherine de Medici holds a position perhaps even more enviable than being the wife of a King. She was the daughter of the Medici family, one of two powerful banking families of their day (the other being Fugger). With such strong family ties, she could have had the right to choose any confectionery in the world at the time, but it was the Macaroon that she loved.

Later in Macaroon's history came a bit of divine providence when two Benedictine nuns fled to Nancy, France, fleeing persecution that was taking place during the Revolution. While in hiding, they decided they didn't need a way to support them and became known as the "Macaroon Sisters" for delivering delicious cookies every day.

National Macaroon Day celebrates this ancient history and delicious tradition by encouraging you to get out and enjoy your favorites, and discover a few more!

How to celebrate National Macaroon Day

  • Make macaroons

Whether you're making them from scratch or using sweetened condensed milk, this is a simple recipe to make and you can have homemade macaroons to eat from scratch in less than an hour. If you're making them from scratch, make sure to have a kitchen mixer or hand mixer with a whisk attachment to make the egg whites incredibly light and fluffy. The better you do at this step, the tastier the cookie overall. Be forewarned: don't make these when you're home alone, or you won't be able to stop yourself from finishing the last one.

  • Buy macaroons

Don't be discouraged because you don't know how to separate egg whites from egg yolks. Or maybe you just use your oven to store your shoes, because you never cook. Don't be discouraged by celebrating National Macaroon Day! While they're common in stores around spring, you can buy them at your local grocery store or order them online. There are several companies that make them in a variety of prices and flavors!

  • Commemorating Ms. Levy 's Contribution

While we have Esther Levy to thank for getting the attention they deserve with their coconut macaroons, we can also thank her for informing everyone about her cooking. Make your family an all-Jewish party. Be warned: Jewish food is comfort food at its best, and you can have a hard time getting any guests to leave. Start with some chicken soup with matzo balls, braise a nice portion of brisket with potatoes, carrots and gravy, and end this hearty feast with some beautiful and traditional coconut macaroons.


National Macaroon Day has been observed annually on May 31st.


Monday, May 31st, 2021

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Friday, May 31st, 2024

Saturday, May 31st, 2025

Also on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

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