National Day of Hope

(Also known as Childhelp Day of Hope, Childhelp National Day of Hope)

National Day of Hope is observed next on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 (32 days from today).

How many days until National Day of Hope?


The first Wednesday of every April is the commemoration of National Day of Hope, which is marked during National Child Abuse Prevention Month to celebrate National Hope to Help Children Day. Children around the world are often abused and neglected. Abuse can be physical or verbal abuse, injury, assault, violation, rape, or other forms of aggression. This day is a chance to push everyone to help children in need around the world. Anyone can give hope to other lives by being a positive example and also by living as a good example to the children around. The main purpose of this day is to try to end child abuse and neglect.

History of National Day of Hope

Childhelp is an organization dedicated to helping children who are in situations of neglect and abuse. Abuse takes many forms, from physical violence to sexual abuse, to the absolute neglect of needed medical care and food.

Yvonne Fedderson corporates to found Childhelp and continues to serve until now. She pays all attetion on founding new branches and raising funds in their neighborhood and abroad.

She is active in several nonprofit organizations dedicated to humanitarian aid. She has received over 100 awards from groups such as the National Children's Alliance Champion Children's Award and the Living Heritage Award. There are several times that she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Sara O'Meara is the co-founder of the organization, CEO and President. Along with Yvonne, she spends her time growing the organization as the lead spokesperson, helping to develop the fund and maintaining oversight of the entire organization. Moreover, there are more than 100 awards for her work with abused children around the world.

It was first established as International Orphans, focusing on supporting children of American soldiers and Japanese women in the 1960s. It was changed to Children's Village USA, then Childhelp USA before upon its eventual transformation to 'Childhelp' at the present. Childhelp is one of the largest child abuse prevention organizations.

The organization has established a “Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline” that is staffed year-round by professional crisis counselors. The hotline for children at risk are used to reply all callings from them, parents and guardians, and individuals who believe to protect children.

By networking with thousands of emergency services, social resources and support, they are able to provide appropriate contact information in a completely anonymous environment. All of this is done without any form of government funding.

They combine this by treating people who have experienced child abuse through a variety of methods. One of their most popular treatment centers are treatment centers located in residential areas, where the name 'Children's Village' comes from, and offering treatment programs for at-risk children were referred to them by the court system. They serve some of the most severely abused and neglected children in these centers by providing therapists, social workers, therapists, and health professionals.

Being developed by Childhelp, National Hope Day encourages people worldwide to take the time to say a prayer pray and spend time in silence in memory of the children who pass away every day because of being abuse and neglect. After its establishment, Congress published a joint resolution in supporting it. In addition to commending Child help for making the day and supporting their goals for the day, the resolution said "all Americans should find ways to break this cycle of abuse and neglect, and give your children hope for the future" and that "faith communities, nonprofit organizations and volunteers across America should identify themselves and mobilize their resources to support them.

In addition to saying prayers on the day and having a period of silence, observers often light a Child help evil year candle, which symbolizes the nearly 5 children who lose their lives each day to abuse and neglect in the United States. Lighting a candle also symbolizes "a burning commitment to end abuse." There is a Parliamentary luncheon held every April near a holiday hosted by Child help, where ideas are shared on how to prevent child abuse. It is attended by advocates, community members and legislators.

How to celebrate National Day of Hope

Do you have any idea for celebrating National Day of Hope? How about some below suggests?  Why do not light a five candle and keep silent for 5 minutes to symbolize the 5 child deaths per day that occur in the United States due to abuse. You can help a friend or family member with a medical problem. Dedicate time to volunteering to help such organizations. You can also give some money to struggling charities. Especially, let make sure to raise awareness about child abuse and how to approach situations when it is suspected that it might happen. You can also arrange time for yourself with reading, talking, laughing with abused children who are facing the worst of trauma. Do not forget to share your thoughts on social media about this day by the hashtag #NationalDayofHope for encouragement.


National Day of Hope has been observed the first Wednesday in April.


Wednesday, April 6th, 2022

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2025

Wednesday, April 1st, 2026

Also on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

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