National High Five Day

National High Five Day is observed next on Thursday, April 20th, 2023 (139 days from today).

How many days until National High Five Day?


It is a fun day that you can “High Five” everyone that you see.

National High Five Day is annually celebrated on the third Thursday of April, which is dedicated to High Five. High Five is a simple gesture using your hand and it only appears when two or more people raise one hand high and slam their palm against the palm of the other. Most of the time the gesture is preceded verbally with a phrase called "Give me five" or "High five". The meaning of this term depended on the context of its usage including greetings, celebrations or congratulations. So National High Five Day is the perfect day of fun to give High Five to everyone you can see.

History of National High Five Day

National High Five Day is a reminder that every small success in life is worth celebrating, and the 5 peak days serve as a common form of celebration at all levels of success!

The High Five, for those who have gone their whole lives without knowing this, is when two people clapping their hands, palms together, overhead. (Do not confuse with 'Low Five' which traditionally appears at waist level or below?) Did you already know that? Well, now you do! High five!

Until now, there is no clear evidence of the origin of the high five; however, there are many underlying trends similar to this one. It is believed that when Lamont Sleets Jr., a basketball player at Murray State University in Kentucky was the creator of high five since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

At the same time, the famous basketball player, Magic Johnson, was widely believed to have invented the high five while a student at Michigan State University in the late 1970s.However, there seems to be a more likely story than the high five invented by Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke in 1977. It was rumored that these two Los Angeles Dodgers baseball players had celebrated an important success in a match on October 2nd, and it seemed appropriate that they clapped their hands over each other's heads.

Indeed, the world has expressed the agreement with that opinion, because since that time, the high five has become a universal sign, appearing in every culture around the world.

This day began informally in 2002, when some college students from the University of Virginia decided it was a great idea to enjoy high give and take (without the opportunity refuse!). National High Five Day is chosen on the third Thursday in April.

Furthermore, National High Five Day represents something more important than just a nice hit at a baseball game. Although National High Five Day was gradually started from a fun activity to take part in by a group of college students, eight years later in 2010 the founders decided that they should do something about it given the hype that was created that day.

Furthermore, they did a charity and started choosing different worthy reasons to corporate together. Besides that, college scholarships are offered steps by steps in order to raise awareness about cancer research, working to help those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy, and promoting nutrition programs at schools.

The Foundation continues to partner with companies and individuals that assist them in raising funds for a variety of worthy causes.

Some facts for National High Five Day being popular

  • It happens all over the world

Did you know that a high five is a common gesture? People on every continent are doing it! In fact, one guy, Craig Lewis, even quit his job to rank 5th in the world! He has traveled to 36 countries, surpassing all of them!

  • High challenge of the year

That's right, just like the Ice Bucket Challenge, there's a Annual High Challenge that raises money for children affected by chronic illnesses. This money is used to provide them with arts and athletics programs.

  • President Kid loves them

Remember Kid President? He said that let give people a round of applause just for getting out of bed. Being human is sometimes difficult. How about your opinion for the truth? We love to give everything!

How to Celebrate National High Five Day

Please refer some below ways to celebrate National High Five Day with your friends and family.

  • Give and Receive beautiful dreams

Wondering what the best way to celebrate this day is? This is actually very simple. Use it to bring high benefits. Give it a high 5 for every conceivable reason. Let give a High Five by yourself.

Waking up and out the door to go to work in the morning? Good job! High five! Manage to make it through the day without someone stabbing you in the face… with a chair? Congratulations! They live to see another day!

Spending the day appreciating and encouraging (and maybe a little annoying) co-workers, friends, and family members is highly likely for any and all reasons.

  • Raise funds for a worthy cause

While you're doing this, see if you can start raising funds to support the fight against cancer. A good way to do this is to get sponsorships to collect as many highs as possible during the day and set different donation levels based on the amount achieved! High Five is most important battle.

  • Celebrate with virtual peak matches

Not directly giving real high shots? Do you feel uncomfortable touching the hands of many people? Or maybe you're working from home and don't have people around to appreciate them? It's okay! There are other options so just be creative.

Some people who work from home choose to take a photo of them giving gifts to their pet. Others may post a photo or meme of the high year on social media to promote. Still others may choose to donate to the National High Five Day charity cause.

Regardless of the activity chosen to celebrate this day, remember to spread the word and raise awareness of this most important day by giving as much praise as possible!


National High Five Day has been observed the third Thursday in April.


Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Thursday, April 21st, 2022

Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Thursday, April 17th, 2025

Also on Thursday, April 20th, 2023

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