National Notebook Day

National Notebook Day is observed next on Thursday, May 18th, 2023 (100 days from today).

How many days until National Notebook Day?


National Notebook Day is annually commemorated the third Thursday in May for notebook enthusiasts.

There's a holiday coming to town and it's one that is sure to be one to keep an eye on, as it strives to fill the world with anecdotes, commentary, and memoirs. Surely, no one has tried journaling at some point in our lives, especially teenagers. Remember all those worthwhile poems? That's right, probably still writing in a diary somewhere, just waiting to confuse you with the painful days of your youth.

History of National Notebook Day

First celebrated in 2016, National Notebook Day is celebrated by notebook enthusiasts who write in notebooks or planners and share pictures of their notebooks on the social media using the hashtag #NationalNotebookDay. Sweepstakes are also held every year, sponsored by May Designs - the company that invented it today - and other companies related to office supplies, laptops and stationery.

In our twenty-first century digital age, notebooks can sometimes seem like a throwback to the past, although they are more popular than ever, used for many purposes, like writing, taking notes, notes, drawings and souvenirs. This is good news, because it has also been shown that they can benefit cognitive function more than their digital counterparts. They are stacks of pages tied together and often have a pattern. Some of the common binding types in use today include spiral, comb, stitch, clasp, cushion, disc, perfect, and cushion. The first is usually cheaper than the others, and the last uses glue to hold the pages together. Notebooks often have covers made of a different material than the inside.

Notebooks and their variants have names such as legal pads, drawing boards, and writing boards. Different types can be used for specific purposes. The “green book” or exam preparation book is used for essay exams. The composition book is sewn onto a hardcover. Journalists use small notebooks called "reporter notebooks"; scientists use "lab notebooks," land surveyors use "field notebooks." “And the police use the "police notebook".

Notebooks date back to the 14th century when paper was drawn on paper and then bound into books. Since the paper was not lined at the time, the lines had to be made by hand. Children in school are the first users of these early notebooks. Legend has it that Thomas W. Holley of Holyoke, Massachusetts, invented the legal pad around 1888 when he came up with the idea of ​​collecting scraps of paper left over from factories to put together to create out affordable pads. The first legal pads that resemble today's yellow legal pads debuted around the turn of this century after a local judge wanted a margin on the left side of the newspaper. The margin, or line down, is 1.25 inches on real legal pads and is used for notes or comments. The first notebook appeared soon after, believed to be by J.A. Birchall, who owns Birchalls, a stationery store in Australia. He glued half of the paper together and supported them with cardboard. His notebook is known as "Silver City Writing Tablet."

How to celebrate National Notebook Day

Get yourself a notebook and open it, start writing down all the thoughts and worries of your day and see them into a manageable form. Have an idea formed? Record in corners or write complete details so you never miss a beat. You may find it evolving into a regular or even semi-regular diary, a new story, or simply to get you through a difficult or even dull day.

Find your thoughts appearing in a creative article? Why not take a day or a rainy afternoon to really develop your characters, create a world for them to live in, and then build your plot. What might start out as a day of brainstorming can grow into hours and even years of story development you never even knew you had inside of you?

If you consider yourself a more tech-savvy person, why not try to take some time away from the screen and jot down your to-do list or thoughts in a notebook? Even five minutes of looking at something other than a glass screen can help focus your mind and avoid the dizziness you can experience after hours of using the computer. Even if you're a casual blogger, if your laptop breaks or runs out of battery, you can always turn to a reliable notebook to jot down your thoughts.

Idle and bored? Let your hand do the walking and doodle on the page. Psychologists reveal that a lot can be expressed by what a person chooses to doodle. If you're an art lover, why not find a way to develop that interest in sketching by sitting in a park and drawing the world by, or taking an art class? You can take a class or start a new hobby for any hobby related to notebooks. From creative writing to still life painting, you can enjoy the hobby alone, with friends, or in a classroom setting.

You may not have time to embark on a new journey if you are simply trying to understand your current journey. Why not start a simple journal where you record your daily thoughts for five minutes. Just carry a notebook and pen or pencil with you and see what ideas and opportunities the day brings.

Whatever you do, National Notebook Day is the best day to open those old diaries, read our past thoughts and see how we've changed, and open up. a new page in life by starting a new page!


National Notebook Day has been observed the third Thursday in May.


Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

Thursday, May 15th, 2025

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May Designs in 2016

Also on Thursday, May 18th, 2023

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