National One Cent Day

National One Cent Day is observed next on Monday, April 1st, 2024 (35 days from today).

How many days until National One Cent Day?


People who forget history will suffer defeat, and remember this, at National Today, we always celebrate April 1 National Day by remembering the iconic historical moments that shaped what made them. The time the United States teaches important lessons about the shape of events has been stored in the pages of history. It is crucial to always keep history in mind for the present for a better future after all, history plays an important role in creating the identity of a place. In the case of National One Cent Day, which honors a pivotal point in the founding of America's currency, the story goes back to the days of Benjamin Franklin to Abraham Lincoln. Did you know, the one-cent coin was once called the Flowing Hair dollar because of the Statue of Liberty on it?

History of National One Cent Day

  • The coin has undergone a number of changes from mid-1793 to the present.
  • It was originally named the Flowing Hair Chain consisting of 15 interlocking links, due to its design it was met with harsh criticism and was redesigned as the Flowing Hair Wreath and the chain was replaced by Wreath. Hence the name "Flower Hair Wreath".
  • Then in 1793 it was renamed "Liberty Cap Large Cent" due to people's dissatisfaction with earlier designs. This design was a bit more successful. The same design was cast until 1796.
  • In 1796, when the Congress established the Electricity, a new design was ordered. However, reverse engineering remains the same, and reverse engineering has three sets of designs.
  • The bronze coin features a wreath and the silver coin is depicted with a bald eagle. Commonly known as the Draped Bust, Small Eagle and grows for a high price to mint. In 1798, the Heraldic eagle replaced the small eagle and took the new name Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle. Since these coins were handmade, many variations and errors appeared, but remained in circulation until 1807.
  • In 1808, the free head was created with long, curly hair and surrounded by numerous head sections. After that, the head part was completely redesigned and it featured a curly hair braided with ribbons. The design was in circulation as early as 1808 to 1816, and the coin was called the Classic Head.
  • In 1814, the Classic Head was replaced by the large Coronet Cent, with a slight change in the number of stars. And underwent a series of changes right from 1816 - 1839 until production ceased altogether.
  • In 1839, the Matron Head was freely designed and styled to look slimmer and more youthful and was named Braided Hair and minor changes continued until the end of the montage and similar design lasted for nearly two decades.
  • In 1857, new coins were issued. Due to its overwhelming demand, people lined up and got very angry when exchanging coins. Presumably, the hard copper-nickel alloy led to increased fracture and thus the coin's objections arose. To overcome objections, a new version of Cent was released in 1858.
  • In 1859, the Indian Head Cent was designed with an Obverse face featuring the Statue of Liberty with a head scarf and reverse design consisting of a wreath and a shield. In 1908, a proposal was made to design a Lincoln Center. Thus, the end of the series began and circulation ceased in 1909.
  • From 1909 to present, Lincoln Coin is used. The reverse design features Lincoln and the back appears with the value of a coin along with a Union Shield.

Reasons for National One Cent Day being important

It's a celebration of history

Without a doubt, history contains important lessons for us to learn and implement in our daily lives. There is also the kind of history that allows us to appreciate what we have today. The penny coin has undergone a number of changes, all of which are worth remembering and celebrating.

It's a celebration of perseverance

Who would have thought that a small coin could become a symbol of the determination and perseverance shown by our ancestors? The penny has stories of freedom and cultural diversity attached to it, all worth knowing!

It's a celebration of change

Change and constant change there is a law of nature. Nothing always exists in a stagnant form, and something as seemingly insignificant as a coin has also undergone major changes over time, be it its design or metal. Continuous evolution is inevitable and should be celebrated.

How to celebrate National One Cent Day

Learn about a penny and more

You can go back in time and explore the different historical aspects associated with the penny - how it came to be, who minted it, what designs were rejected, and more. And while you're on the subject, let's explore another currency's history as well and see if there are any similarities in the journey of banknotes and coins.

Appreciate the ancient craftsmen

The cutting, scraping, and casting of metal itself is a difficult process. It takes dedication, time, energy and skill to start making something like a coin without the help of advanced machines and such. These people deserve to be honored and appreciated because it is because they have worked so hard that we have a reason to celebrate National One Center Day in the first place.

Collect a coin

It's tempting to spend that penny for its sake because, after all, many people don't see it as having much value. However, you must always remember that for every penny collected and saved, you are one step closer to getting that expensive product or treating yourself to a much needed spa day.


National One Cent Day has been observed annually on April 1st.


Friday, April 1st, 2022

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Monday, April 1st, 2024

Tuesday, April 1st, 2025

Wednesday, April 1st, 2026

Also on Monday, April 1st, 2024

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