National Save a Spider Day

National Save a Spider Day is observed next on Friday, March 14th, 2025 (336 days from today).

How many days until National Save a Spider Day?


A new study shows that keeping spiders indoors can protect people from pathogens. Therefore, you should think carefully before driving a spider out of your house. And National Save A Spider Day is held annually on March 14 every year as a reminder to everyone about the use of spiders in human life, besides, National Save Day A Spider Day also helps to provide people with information and understanding about spiders and their silent contributions to the surrounding environment.

History of National Save A Spider Day

The history and organization or individual that founded Save A Spider Day are still being sought. Maybe, nature conservation organizations, or biologists started this National Save A Spider Day because they recognize the importance of spiders to the surrounding environment and to daily life of mankind.

According to experts, spiders are playing an extremely important role to keep the balance for nature.

"The calculation results show for the first time that spiders are the biggest natural enemies of harmful insects," said Martin Nyfeller, a biologist from the University of Basel (Switzerland).

"Spiders help reduce insect populations significantly along with species like birds or ants. Without them, the world's natural environment would be severely unbalanced."

The usual reaction of most of us when we find a spider in our house is: ignore it or burn it to death. However, most do not like them to be leisurely in their living room.

But is killing them the best option?

Spider expert Jo-Anne Sewlal of the University of the West Indies, one of the world's leading universities with research institutes located in the Caribbean, told National Geographic: "Frankly, believe it or not. : Spiders sided with friends rather than enemies.

Except for a few poisonous spiders out of the more than 40,000 species of spiders around the world, spiders are practically not dangerous to humans.

Matt Bertone, an entomologist, came from North Carolina State University conducted a survey of 50 homes in North Carolina to see what arthropods are living under our roofs.

Scientists have discovered that the most common species of slugs that visit our homes are the Cobweb spider and the basement spider (commonly known as the long-legged daddy). They are quite typical members of the indoor ecosystem and can make our living spaces beautiful.

Because, spiders often like to hide in dark places to wait for their prey. They catch and eat nuisance pests like cockroaches and pincer ants, and even disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes and flies.

Sometimes, the spiders cooperate with each other to kill the poisonous spiders. For example, the basement spider, our good friend, is known to kill venomous black widow spiders.

There's really no benefit to killing spiders you come across in your home (unless they're dangerous). Even if you kill spiders, you will turn your house into a habitat for more suspicious pests.

And if you really can't stand the presence of a spider, try to lure it outside, at least on this day. However, ignoring its presence is the best way, because it is possible that, when outside the house, the spider becomes delicious prey for other animals.

Observing National Save A Spider Day

On National Save A Spider Day, you are encouraged to learn about the behavior of spiders. You can walk around your house and see if there are spiders roaming around in your house, and see how they catch their prey on this day. If you can't adapt to spiders, you can lure them out of the house without killing them on this day. If you are dreamier, you can stay at home and watch the Spider Man movie that many people love, to add more spider interest. Of course, if you perceive the danger of poisonous spiders and spiders of unknown origin, carefully remove them from your home. Share National Save A Spider Day using the hashtag #NationalSaveASpiderDay and spread a positive message about the benefits that spiders bring to us so that people can better understand and acknowledge the contributions of spiders.


National Save a Spider Day has been observed annually on March 14th.


Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Friday, March 14th, 2025

Saturday, March 14th, 2026

Sunday, March 14th, 2027

Also on Friday, March 14th, 2025

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