National Trivia Day

National Trivia Day is observed next on Saturday, January 4th, 2025 (203 days from today).

How many days until National Trivia Day?


Are you a person who likes to find interesting knowledge related to many different fields? You want to test your knowledge through questions about all different fields, about the rich knowledge around the world. Are you someone who enjoys challenging yourself through multiple choice quiz questions, choosing the answer A, B, C, D? Around the world on January 4th every year, there is National Trivia Day, that you can take part in quizzes as well as answer various interesting questions. A day to satisfy your passion.

Trivia is an English quiz program with interesting questions on a variety of topics. The questions have difficulty – easy random about history, geography, people, culture, math… and of course indispensable quizzes about vocabulary, grammar in English.

Trivia is not just a quiz game, but besides that, trivia also helps you to know more interesting and useful things in many different fields. Trivia quiz is not like difficult lessons in class; Trivia are questions that we have spent a lot of time choosing to help you learn English in the most fun and comfortable way. This is also an opportunity for you to exercise your mind by answering questions, according to research; it will make nerve cells more active.

Trivia quiz is an intellectual game where you can choose to play with friends, strangers or practice by yourself to increase your decision- making and thinking ability.

Operating on the mechanism of answering multiple-choice questions. Trivia quiz is set of questions is special, stimulating users to continue the game with higher levels.

“Take It or Leave It “ is known for being the first quiz game that debuted on radio shows in the 1940s. It was one of the earliest forms of quizzes. Not long after in 1964, “Jeopardy” entered the homes of millions of Americans through television and is still arguable America’s most iconic quiz show.

At the same time in the 60s, quiz night swept across college campuses across America (think about competition and society plus beer). The in the 70s, to entice guests to visit local pubs in the UL evenings, pub quizzes are added, which attracted more customers than traditional pubs. As the puzzle game continued to gain momentum, thanks to Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, Trivial Pursuit appeared in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1979, becoming one of the most famous board games in the world. Since then, our love for puzzling truths continues to take the world by storm through online gaming and other technology formats.

While some people may find the story trivial, for others it can be quite a serious business. Tournaments and competitions are common across the globe and the competitive nature of some has led to drastic measures including cheating. Cell phones are often banned from contests to prevent secret searches for answers. At the end of the day, the silly truths and camaraderie make so many competitive people in society so confusing.

In 1920, the book “Trivialities : Bits of Information of Little Consequence “ is the first book of Trivia. Logan Pearsall Smith wrote this book. It shows about small things and commonplace moments.

In 1966, there were several of College Trivia Contests. At Lawrence University in Wisconsin launched The Great Midwest Trivia Contest. “Who is Superman’s father “(Jor-EL) was the kick off question.

In 1981, the popular form of play was that players had to answer questions in all 6 fields : entertainment,  sports & leisure, history, geography, arts & literature and science & nature. It is called that “Trivial Pursuit”

In 1988, it is called that “No time Wasted “.  There were several of trivia, fun-facts, world origins and tons of other random information in “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. This brought laughter to the loo.

In the National Trivia Day, you can do many activities, create some celebrations. Alternatively, you can always apply it at work, at meetings; take a few fun trivia questions around the meeting topic. Whoever can answer the most questions will be able to return sooner.

It is so excited if you have a chance to challenge your friends. You just only need a group of friends, buckets of brew and Trivia Night. A true team building, along with fun trivia, it is enough for you and your friends to immerse yourself in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Of course, having fun with prizes, winners will be immersed in beers and the feeling of victory.

For everyone who can’t hang out with their friends. You can visit some trivia websites and start to answer over millions quizzes on endless topics. You can choose to be timed or play with strangers. Either way, you will have a great experience.

National Trivia Day exactly is a party maker, an icebreaker and it helps almost people to learn new things. To organize trivia night at the pub down the street or at your place is very easy. Moreover, Trivia is the best way to start a conversation, and if you find common ground, the conversation may last all night. Hope you have a great National Trivia Day!


National Trivia Day has been observed annually on January 4th.


Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

Thursday, January 4th, 2024

Saturday, January 4th, 2025

Sunday, January 4th, 2026

Monday, January 4th, 2027

Also on Saturday, January 4th, 2025

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