National Women's Check-Up Day

National Women's Check-Up Day is observed next on Monday, May 13th, 2024 (158 days from today).

How many days until National Women's Check-Up Day?


National Women’s Check-up Day focuses on the importance of regular routine visits for women that is commemorated on the second Monday in May each year.

We take any opportunity to celebrate women and the importance they play in our lives, that's why we love National Women's Check-Up Day, celebrated held annually on the second Monday in May on May 9th of this year. To continue the theme a bit, this day comes right after the world celebrates Mother's Day. In fact, it is celebrated on the Monday immediately after Mother's Day. Celebrated to focus on the importance of regular checkups and doctor visits, this day encourages all women to take more steps and maintain better health.

History of National Women's Check-Up Day

Women's health history differs from men's for a variety of reasons including social, biological, and behavioral factors. Women have traditionally been at a disadvantage in terms of economic and social status, and this has affected their access to health care. Many experts expressed the need to change from "women's health" to the term "women's health", to broaden the focus around the health issues faced by women, which were previously focused on reproductive health.

Women's health is also affected by the fact that women are underrepresented in most large studies. However, countries like the United States and other Western nations are tackling this problem by establishing organizations and experiments like the Women's Health Initiative. The turning point of this moment came in tandem with other international women's movements around the world. With the labor movement of the 20th century in North America and throughout Europe, more and more women began to demand equality and equality, culminating in equal access to health care.

An important moment for women's health has come with the Women's Health Movement, which took place some 40 years ago with the goal of improving health care for all women. Twenty years later, Women's Health Movement has developed to become a powerful political force with significant contributions. Women's health issues have attracted the attention of many feminists, and the general improvement can be attributed to international women's movements.

In 2015, the World Health Organization identified the top ten women's health problems as cancer, reproductive health, maternal health, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), infections sexually transmitted diseases, violence, mental health, non-communicable diseases, youth and aging.

Why National Women's Check-Up Day?

Women's Health Week is held every year in May to provide insight into the steps a person, especially a woman, can take to maintain good health. With regular health check-ups, you can catch any possible problems related to your health, and early detection will help you prevent possible problems in the future. You can raise possible concerns about your health, symptoms or signs you may be experiencing, concerns that may be alleviated, or signs that should be followed up with your doctor. This day is a reminder of how you can prevent major health problems by focusing on the little signs you face today and discussing them with your doctor on time. The day is to observe the need for routine health check-ups, for women who dedicate more to society and their families, than anyone else.

Some amazing things about women

  • Women have 'younger' brains

A brain metabolism study showed that women's brains are three-year younger than men of the same age, which may explain why women stay cognitively healthy longer.

  • Women pay less for life insurance

Compared to men, women pay less for life insurance as they live longer, and statistics show that their first years of life are healthier.

  • Certain diagnostic screenings are preferred

Cervical and breast cancer screenings are two of the most important services to women's health.

  • A stone for women's health

After 42 years, “Our Bodies, Ours Yourself” is still considered an expert source of women's health information - published in 26 countries, has been released in nine editions and sold over 4 million copies.

  • Women show better muscular endurance

According to studies, women can exercise 75% longer than men in various endurance exercises, and their metabolism in these muscles is also better.

Interesting facts about National Women’s Checkup Day

It's important to have an annual physical with your doctor and when to include family history, health habits, screenings if needed, setting goals for next year, and more. And to make this day more interesting, we have some interesting quotes about Women and health here that you need to follow to make your life truly healthy.

  • You need to engage in physical activity to keep yourself healthy. Choose an activity that's physically appealing to you but doesn't over-stress your body. Swimming is the best choice. Moreover, you can choose some other favorite sports.
  • You can team up with a friend to make these things more fun and also more fun.
  • You can have different routines to keep your activities more enjoyable. It's like swimming one day, walking one day, running another day and cycling another day. This will help avoid monotony and make your day truly valuable.
  • You don't have to exercise at any particular time of day. You can choose your own time to exercise, a more comfortable time for you. Of course, don't exercise right after eating.
  • Listen to some fun songs or dance to a tune to make your workout more fun and enjoyable. You can also sign up for a dance class and take it as part of your physical activity.
  • It is very important to remember that you should regular check-up with your doctor to get more knowledge about your health and stay healthy every year.

How to celebrate National Women’s Checkup Day

  • See your doctor

Schedule a routine check-up if you haven't had one recently. Before you go, list up all relating questions you want to know and take a note of your family history that may affect your health. Go ahead and encourage all the women in your life to re-examine themselves.

  • Improve your health

Adopt a better lifestyle to make you healthier. See your doctor for advice on how to make the right changes to your lifestyle and then take steps to gradually improve your physical and mental health.

  • Share with the whole class

You can share some simple ways that you are using to improve your health with family and friends. For even greater impact, you can even post on your social media, with regular updates on the changes you're making, which will inspire other women to make changes for their own health.


National Women's Check-Up Day has been observed Monday of the second full week in May.


Monday, May 9th, 2022

Monday, May 15th, 2023

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Monday, May 12th, 2025

Monday, May 11th, 2026

Also on Monday, May 13th, 2024

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