Stop Food Waste Day

Stop Food Waste Day is observed next on Wednesday, April 30th, 2025 (321 days from today).

How many days until Stop Food Waste Day?


Stop Food Waste Day is an international day to fight against food waste, a serious and growing problem. It is estimated that there is about a third of the food produced globally being lost or wasted per year.

Stop Food Waste Day on April 28th aims to teach people how to reduce food waste. It's crazy to think that about a third of the food produced on Earth is wasted - it's either lost or spoiled! This day aims to raise awareness about this shocking statistic. While so many people on Earth go hungry, the problem of food waste is growing.

History of Stop Food Waste Day

Humans, especially Americans, do not always take responsible for food and food waste. Centuries ago, before Europeans migrated and settled on land occupied by Native Americans; food waste was an unknown concept. Native Americans, who mainly hunted and gathered for their meals, famously used every part of slaughtered animals; raw hides were used to make clothing and shelter, brains were used to melt skin. Moreover, bones were also used for sewing or digging holes. Rarely is anything edible or usable going to waste.

The early pioneers repeated this story. The settlers moving west on the new continent, pioneered in the late 1800s, faced with scarce resources and harsh conditions, they adopted many of the same practices to eliminate food waste. Pioneers sometimes donate food, although before they used lard to make soap and even made use of animal body parts like heads and legs.

The modern concept of food waste as we see it today was created during the pre-World War I boom - industrialization. Suddenly, foods and goods that should have been challenging and expensive to obtain are being processed and processed at such an alarming rate that they lose their precious value. Industrialization makes it easier for people to accept waste because they know there will be more the next day and it's also affordable. New sanitation systems, however, still use food waste in innovative ways, and people recycle what they can, often not necessarily.

World War II marked the end of scarcity. Towards the end, rationing is over, the recession is over, the industry is booming, and new materials and waste disposal methods make it easy to get whatever you have; choose a new one without caring anything. At this point, food waste is starting to grow - it's no longer necessary to reuse them and it is becoming commonplace to dispose of perfectly good sources of ingredients.

Today, food waste is a rampant problem – nearly half of the food produced in the United States goes to waste. This means 80 billion pounds of good food goes to the trash! With this trend has come great inequality, as millions of people suffer from hunger every day. There are approximately 219 pounds of food wasted/ person/year. How would you change your number?

Some truths about food waste

  • There are millions of people starving

If we lived in a world with no food waste, experts believe we would be able to feed an additional 3 billion people – far more than the 925 million people are estimated to be hungry today.

  • Waste water is expensive

Every year, food waste wastes ¼ of our water supply – up to $172 billion.

  • Landfills produce methane

We've all heard of methane, the greenhouse gas that injects even more gas into global warming than carbon dioxide - rotting food in landfills produces huge amounts of chemicals. this dangerous substance.

  • The most wasted fruits and vegetables

Some of the most perishable foods - fruits, vegetables, tubers and tubers - go to waste more than any other food.

  • Ugly food thrown

A significant portion of food is wasted simply because grocers don't find it aesthetically appealing enough to rack.

How to celebrate Stop Food Waste Day

  • Store your fridge the smart way

Humans can't help but do it; our animal instinct is to buy more food than we need. However, if we want to reduce food waste, it is our duty to fight our instincts! Instead of buying in bulk, plan what you will need for the week and make sure you have enough vehicles to stock up.

  • Store food properly

Spoiled food accounts for more than 60% of leftovers! Learn how to store your perishables correctly or invest more in frozen or non-perishable foods. Did you know that potatoes, tomatoes and onions should never be left in the refrigerator?

  • Eat the extras!

From leftovers to the peels of fruits and vegetables, there's often a lot more edible food in a single meal than you think. Do not waste leftovers is another great way to reduce food waste.


Stop Food Waste Day has been observed the last Wednesday in April.


Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Wednesday, April 24th, 2024

Wednesday, April 30th, 2025

Wednesday, April 29th, 2026

Wednesday, April 28th, 2027

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