Free Flower Basket Day

Free Flower Basket Day is observed next on Saturday, January 4th, 2025 (267 days from today).

How many days until Free Flower Basket Day?


Surely, in each of us, there are people who are truly worthy of respect and we wish to be able to send them special gifts to express our gratitude and sincere feelings. We can choose small souvenirs; also choose colorful and meaningful romantic flower baskets. Among the gifts given, the romantic flower baskets were the most preferred. Moreover, you know, in the world in the United States, there is a Free Flower Basket Day celebrated annually on January 4th.

On this day, flowers are meaningful gifts and they are encouraged to make thoughtful, unexpected gifts for someone in our life.

No one knows who created this special holiday, nor where it originated. May this holiday be created by the greeting card industry? However, because of the beauty of meaningful flowers, most people respond to this holiday.

Somewhere, people call this day “Flower Basket Day”, somewhere people call “Free Flower Basket Day”, but no matter how you call it, this is the day to give baskets of flowers.

Each person who appears in our life leaves his or her own meanings and feelings. Just like flowers. Each flower has its own deep meaning. To be able to choose and create flower baskets with the right meanings and emotions that you want to express, you should learn a little about the symbolic meanings of flowers. Either way, the recipient will be happy to receive your sincere love thanks to the flowers instead of words.

Red Rose: love and romance

Not only do red roses carry more meaning than other roses, red roses are a universal symbol. Roses are ubiquitous in art, poetry and media today. They appear throughout history, across cultures as political and religious symbols. The mystery of the red rose has been in inspiration for generations. However, what we most easily notice is the rose – a symbol of love and romance.

White rose: pure love, innocence, condolences, spiritual encouragement.

The myths of various civilizations claim that the original rose was white. The white rose symbolizes true love but then this title belongs to the red rose. White roses still are an important role as a traditional flower in wedding ceremonies. White roses also symbolize honor and reverence, so they are often used to remember loved ones who have passed away. Therefore, condolence wreaths often have white tones with white roses as the main color combined with other white flowers such as orchids and white lities.

Pink rose: love, gratitude, appreciation

Velvet roses are the most abundant and earliest species found in nature in the great rose family.

Yellow rose: Friendship, joy, good health

A bouquet of yellow roses brings warmth and happiness. Contrary to the romantic meaning of other roses, yellow roses only mean friendship. Yellow roses are the ideal gift to cheer up someone who is sad and lift their spirits.

Orange rose: Desire, passion

Orange roses are a combination of yellow and red flowers, orange roses act as a bridge between friendship (pink rose) and love ( red rose ). Sending someone a bouquet of orange roses is a sign of love and a desire to take the relationship above the emotional level. Alternatively, it is a great gift to say, “I am proud of you “. Orange roses are very popular during Halloween. Whatever the purpose, a bouquet of orange roses is sure to warm up your feelings for someone.

Lavender rose: passion, majesty, love at first sight

This lavender rose is available in the form of a bush to an individual plant. Lavender roses represent infatuation in love at the first sight.


When you want to send someone a congratulatory gift, chrysanthemums are definitely a good choice. The general meaning of daisy represents innocence and pure beauty. A bouquet of daisies can lift someone’s soul or brighten the recipient’s day. The variety of colors makes daisies a favorite choice for birthday, wishes, congratulations, thanks….When you send daisies to someone, know that they carry a deep meaning message and leave an indelible mark on the recipient.

Chrysanthemum (for colors in general) : Joy, you are a great friend

Scarlet chrysanthemum: Love forever

Red chrysanthemum: I love…

Multicolored daisies: thinking about an absent friend

White chrysanthemum: kindness, chivalry, the truth

Marigolds: coax the heart

Yellow chrysanthemum: daily greetings, daily memories, gentle love

Chrysanthemum: think of friends


With their unique beauty, irises have many meanings, when given as gifts, they express deep sympathy.


Orchids are luxuriously beautiful and long lasting, making a great gift for any occasion. Their beauty is very eye-catching as well as evoking sophistication and rusticity

Sunflower: Loyalty, permanence

No flower can lift your soul like a sunflower. Playful and bright, sunflowers are a warm and loving gift.

Lily: affluence, prosperity. White lities represent purity and condolences

The lily flower with its wonderful fragrance and beauty is the choice for congratulations, apologies and any other occasion.

Tulip: Love

Tulip is the most loved and easily recognized flower. This flower is not too romantic, neither too big nor too small, not as brilliant as the sunflower. Tulips have their own character, warmth and comfort.

There are many flowers with different meanings. To be able to celebrate the National Free Flower Basket Day, you can both learn more about the meaning of flowers, and choose the right petals that you wants to send through, creating flower baskets full of flowers. Sincerely and give it to the people you really love. Do not forget to take pictures as a souvenir with the flower baskets you made with the recipient and send a message to them through lovely cards. Remember share your memories in social media like Facebook, instagram , adding the line hashtag #TheFreeFlowerBasketDay


Free Flower Basket Day has been observed annually on January 4th.


Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

Thursday, January 4th, 2024

Saturday, January 4th, 2025

Sunday, January 4th, 2026

Monday, January 4th, 2027

Also on Saturday, January 4th, 2025

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