Middle Name Pride Day

Middle Name Pride Day is observed next on Friday, March 7th, 2025 (290 days from today).

How many days until Middle Name Pride Day?


Each of us has a unique name that means a lot to the hopes that our parents place on us. Right from the moment of birth, the children will be carefully considered by their parents to give them a name. And we must have never thought about how influential names can be throughout their lives. Does the name parents choose for their child cause teasing in the schoolyard or is it more likely for their child to succeed? Everything is in the hands of the parents. Children sometimes think that the name they are given at birth is not quite what they like and if they were allowed to choose for themselves, they might not choose them. This can be especially true for kids with scary middle names. But, on Middle Name Pride Day, celebrated annually on the first Friday of March, there's no reason to grieve or hide in the shadows! Each of us can proudly share our middle name, the same love that our parents put into choosing it.

History of Middle Name Pride Day

Historians have not been able to conclude when the middle name first appeared. But, many records suggest that the use of middle names may have been used primarily in wealthy, higher-class families. When it comes to people born into royalty and nobility, it is known that the tradition was in force at least as early as the 17th Century. In fact, at that time, people born into the aristocratic class were known. Ethnic groups often have many names - sometimes several middle names. This is still a known practice in modern royal families. For example, Queen Elizabeth II of England was named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. And those are adorable middle names she can be proud of!

Different countries and cultures have different traditions when it comes to naming children. It may be interesting to use this day to understand your friends and colleagues about their middle names, and thereby learn their country's traditions about middle names.

The wonderful thing is that In some countries, the mother's maiden name is designated as the middle name of the children. In other cultures, the middle name is used as a sign of honor for a relative or close friend. Others choose middle names because they simply love the sound of the name, the meaning or importance behind the name, or even the acronym created when the initials are written!

Observing Middle Name Pride Day

Be proud of your middle name whether you like it or not. Listen to your friends' middle name stories and show respect and love for them. Ask your parents about the meaning and reason for your middle name. Tell the story of the origin and meaning of your middle name to the world using the hashtag #MiddleNamePrideDay.


Middle Name Pride Day has been observed Friday of the first full week in March.


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