National Bike to Work Day

National Bike to Work Day is observed next on Friday, May 19th, 2023 (111 days from today).

How many days until National Bike to Work Day?


National Bike to Work Day takes place on the third Friday in May in order to encourage us to bike to work, but it also raises awareness of cyclists when they use to go to work every day.

We all say we'll do it every year, stop being sedentary, be more active, start being a little more health conscious, and take better care of the environment.

Then January 2nd came. There's no reason for those New Year's Resolutions to fall by the wayside, May for sure, but the New Year includes the YEAR. As the weather gets warmer and the rains start to ease, maybe it's time to start taking action on that whole 'sedentary' thing.

Better yet, get all those resolutions in one hit! National Bike to Work Day reminds you that by simply changing the way you commute to work, you can accomplish all of the goals you want.

History of National Bike to Work Day

A part of Bike to Work Week, which is part of National Bike Month, Bike to Work Day has been designated by the Federation of Bicycle Enthusiasts of America. The start date is observed as a way to raise awareness of the health benefits of cycling every day.

Bicycles, as we know them, did not appear until the late 19th century. Before that, a two-wheeled, maintainable vehicle designed by German Baron Karl von Drais de Sauerbrun, was the common sight in a short period of time. This machine is known by various names - 'velocipede,' 'hobby horse,' 'cuisine' and 'running machine' - and makes Von Drais the honor of being called the father of the car by many bicycle. However, the famous poet John Keats was not impressed with this invention. In addition, he was famous at called "nothing of the day".

Later inventors used von Drais' invention as a starting point for newer versions, including French inventors such as Pierre Lallement as well as Pierre and Ernest Michaux. They developed prototypes with pedals attached to the front wheel. These are called the first bicycles. Later, inventors such as Eugène Meyer and James Starley improved this version by adding an oversized front wheel. These models fueled the cycling craze throughout Europe and the United States, and spurred the birth of bike clubs and races. Newer and newer versions of bicycles started to appear - one with a 4-foot high saddle was popular for a while and the first version of the 'safety bike' appeared and so on. - create a template for modern bicycles.

Each year, local, regional and national cycling groups encourage people to try cycling to work.

Some interesting truths about National Bike to Work Day

  • Free breakfast for cyclists

In 2012 and 2013, 11 businesses in Boulder, Colorado, provided free breakfasts to more than 1,000 National Bike to Work Day participants.

  • Join to win free bikes?

In 2012, a local bike club called Ziggy's in Kitchener, Ontario gave away 12 bikes to work to people who participated and blogged about Bike to Work Day.

  • Metrolink is showing love for cycling

On Cycling to Work Day, the southern California commuter rail network Metrolink offers free rides to cyclists.

  • More free stuff

Attendees of the National Cycling to Work Festival in Chicago used to learn balaclavas and tune for free.

  • Countries topping the 'cycling to work' list

The Dutch topped the list with 30% and followed by Japan with 15%.

Why take part in Bike to Work Day?

  • Better organization:

Getting out and cycling to work requires you to get up earlier than usual, thus encouraging you to take a moment to wake up before you head out the door and giving you a chance to plan out other things to do when you have more time.

  • Better work performance:

All of this will ensure that you're clear-eyed and bushy by the time you arrive at the office, invigorated by the ride and ready to face the day with a bright outlook.

  • Improve health and fitness:

It doesn't just stop there. The additional exercise you're doing will have a direct positive effect on your diet, taste, and goals. There's something about exercise that makes you more aware and thoughtful of what you're putting in and so if you've lost a few pounds or simply want to be more conscious of your health. , then cycling to work in the morning can be a great way to stay motivated.

  • Save money:

If health isn't your biggest motivator, surely the potential cost savings might convince you to give Bike to Work Day a try? Cycling to work will help you cut some of your commuting costs, save money on public transit tickets if you often take the bus or train, and save money on gas if you often drive.

  • Save the planet:

Finally, if for no other reason, cycle for World Cycling Day, to cut your carbon footprint and help the environment. The average car emits 271g CO2 per kilometer driven; the average bus emits 101g CO2 per kilometer run and guesses what? A bicycle emits just 16g of CO2 per kilometer driven, all of which comes from the rider's fuel, aka your food.

Some reasons for Bike to Work Day being loved

  • It's good for the planet

There is strong evidence and data to prove cycling can help our planet. The Adventure Racing Association claims that adopting this habit could save between 700 million and 1.6 billion gallons of fuel annually. In addition, cycling everywhere reduces the carbon footprint your car can release into the atmosphere. So get your bike and get to work! A small change in your daily travel contributes to a healthy future for you and the planet.

  • Cycling safety awareness (and then road safety)

More and more people are interested in cycling to work. This concern should therefore be supported by a parallel concern for road safety, so that both cyclists and vehicle drivers can share the road safely. Bike Knowledge and Cycle to Work Day help motorcyclists; drivers and cyclists learn more about traffic laws. This could even spur the construction of bike lanes for safer transportation.

  • It saves money

Cycling not only helps you stay in shape, but it even helps cut your transportation costs. Calculate how much you spend on fuel each month (or the ticket you buy to use public transport), then add up your car's maintenance costs with how much you would spend if you owned a bike. Isn't that a great incentive to get you this two-wheeled money saver?

How to celebrate Bike to Work Day

  • Make commuting fun!

Let's face it, commuting to work is a lot of things, but not all of us can describe it as 'interesting'. With a bike, you can completely change this experience. Go ahead and take a scenic route, or revisit childhood memories of cycling to work. Cycling to work helps us recharge on a sleepy morning and recharge our batteries on the way home from a long day.

  • Encourage others to ride bikes

Invite others to share your love of cycling. Post updates about your traffic on social media and let friends and family know how much fun you have with the activity. Come up with short snippets of how you can easily avoid traffic and limited parking problems, and see how quickly others can adopt this healthy habit.

  • Ask your company to sponsor an event on this date

Approach your management with an exciting CSR opportunity. Talk to them about the benefits of this day, and plan and organize a bike-to-work activity for the day. Your company can even take it a step further by planning year-round cycling activities and challenges, making employees happier and more satisfied. In addition, you will be recognized for being proactive at work!


National Bike to Work Day has been observed the third Friday in May.


Friday, May 21st, 2021

Friday, May 20th, 2022

Friday, May 19th, 2023

Friday, May 17th, 2024

Friday, May 16th, 2025

Also on Friday, May 19th, 2023

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